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Pronunciation: [ˈɜːduː] (IPA)

Urdu, spelled /ʊrdu/, is the official language of Pakistan and one of the 22 official languages of India. The word "Urdu" derives from the Turkic word "orda" or "ordu," which means "camp" or "army." The spelling "Urdu" in English is transliterated from the original Urdu script, which is written from right to left. It consists of 35 alphabets, including both consonants and vowels. Different English spellings for the word "Urdu" have been suggested, such as "Urdoo," but "Urdu" has become the standard spelling.

URDU Meaning and Definition

Urdu is an Indo-Aryan language that is primarily spoken in South Asia. It has its roots in the medieval language of the Delhi region and developed as the language of the Mughal Empire. Urdu is one of the official languages of Pakistan and is also widely spoken in India, especially in the northern states.

Urdu is characterized by its rich vocabulary that combines words from various languages such as Persian, Arabic, Turkish, and Sanskrit. The script used to write Urdu is a modified form of the Persian alphabet called Nastaʿlīq, which is known for its elegant and intricate calligraphy. Urdu is written from right to left.

The language is known for its lyrical beauty and is widely associated with poetry, especially ghazals and nazms. Urdu poetry has a long tradition and has produced renowned poets like Mirza Ghalib, Allama Iqbal, and Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

Urdu is not only used in literary and poetic contexts but also in everyday conversation and media. It serves as a medium of communication, education, and administration in Pakistan and plays a significant role in shaping cultural and social practices.

Due to its historical and linguistic ties with other languages in the Indian subcontinent, Urdu is often mutually intelligible with Hindi, another major language of the region. The shared aspect between Urdu and Hindi is known as Hindustani, which is widely understood by speakers of both languages.

In summary, Urdu is an Indo-Aryan language with a rich vocabulary, poetic tradition, and cultural significance in South Asia. It is written in the Nastaʿlīq script and widely spoken in Pakistan and India, particularly in the northern regions.

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Etymology of URDU

The word "Urdu" originates from the Turkic word "ordu", which means "army" or "camp". It was the language spoken by the soldiers and administrators of the Mughal Empire during the 16th and 17th centuries. As the Mughals established their rule across the Indian subcontinent, the language mixed with various local dialects, including Persian, Arabic, and Hindi. Over time, this fusion language came to be known as "Urdu", reflecting its historical connection to the military and the Mughal courts.

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