How Do You Spell URNING?

The spelling of the word "urning" can be confusing due to its unusual pronunciation. IPA phonetic transcription can help explain why the "u" is used instead of an "e". The correct pronunciation is /ˈərnɪŋ/ which sounds like "ur-ning" with a schwa in the first syllable. The "u" is used to represent the schwa sound, which is a neutral vowel often found in unstressed syllables. Therefore, the spelling of "urning" accurately reflects its phonetic pronunciation.

Common Misspellings for URNING

  • urring
  • urnning
  • urnin
  • yrning
  • jrning
  • 8rning
  • 7rning
  • uening
  • udning
  • ufning
  • u5ning
  • u4ning
  • urming
  • urjing
  • urnung
  • urnjng
  • urnkng
  • urnong
  • urn9ng
  • urn8ng

Plural form of URNING is URNINGS

10 words made out of letters URNING

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5 letters


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