How Do You Spell URO-?

The prefix "Uro-" is a combining form commonly used in medical and scientific terminology. It is derived from the Greek word "ouron" which means urine. The spelling of "Uro-" is represented using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) as /jʊərəʊ/. The "U" is pronounced as "yoo", the "R" sound is rolled or trilled, and the "O" is pronounced as "oh". This prefix is commonly used in medical terms related to the urinary system such as "urology", "urologist", and "urodynamic".

Common Misspellings for URO-

  • uro
  • uroa
  • urow
  • jro-
  • 8ro-
  • 7ro-
  • ueo-
  • u5o-
  • u4o-
  • ur0-
  • ur9-
  • uro0
  • urop
  • uhro-
  • ujro-
  • iuro-
  • 8uro-
  • u8ro-
  • 7uro-
  • u7ro-

9 words made out of letters URO-

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