How Do You Spell UTAN?

The word "utan" is a Swedish preposition that means "without" or "outside of." It is pronounced [ɵˈtan] in IPA phonetic transcription, with the stressed syllable represented by a small "o" with a backward slash. The "u" in "utan" is pronounced as a rounded central vowel, similar to the "oo" sound in "good". The "t" is voiceless and aspirated, producing a puff of air at the release of the sound. The final "n" is pronounced as a nasal consonant, with the air flowing through the nose.

Common Misspellings for UTAN

  • utane
  • utran
  • utin
  • utam
  • uatan
  • uTANN
  • 8tan
  • 7tan
  • u6an
  • utzn
  • utqn
  • yutan
  • uytan
  • jutan
  • ujtan
  • iutan
  • 8utan
  • u8tan
  • 7utan
  • u7tan

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