How Do You Spell VACATED?

Correct spelling for the English word "Vacated" is [v_ˈeɪ_k_eɪ_t_ɪ_d], [vˈe͡ɪke͡ɪtɪd], [vˈe‍ɪke‍ɪtɪd]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of VACATED

  1. of Vacate

Anagrams of VACATED

7 letters

  • vacated.

6 letters

5 letters

Common Misspellings for VACATED

Below is the list of 255 misspellings for the word "vacated".

Usage Examples for VACATED

  1. A horrible being, fifteen feet tall, walking through the night toward a place of congregation, was very likely to find that every one had vacated the place before he arrived. - "The Sequel of Appomattox A Chronicle of the Reunion of the States, Volume 32 In The Chronicles Of America Series" by Walter Lynwood Fleming
  2. " Yes, I know," answered Mr. Kinsella, who had sunk into the chair vacated by Mrs. Brown. - "Molly Brown's Orchard Home" by Nell Speed

Conjugate verb Vacated


I would vacate
we would vacate
you would vacate
he/she/it would vacate
they would vacate


I will vacate
we will vacate
you will vacate
he/she/it will vacate
they will vacate


I will have vacated
we will have vacated
you will have vacated
he/she/it will have vacated
they will have vacated


I vacated
we vacated
you vacated
he/she/it vacated
they vacated


I had vacated
we had vacated
you had vacated
he/she/it had vacated
they had vacated


I vacate
we vacate
you vacate
he/she/it vacates
they vacate


I have vacated
we have vacated
you have vacated
he/she/it has vacated
they have vacated
I am vacating
we are vacating
you are vacating
he/she/it is vacating
they are vacating
I was vacating
we were vacating
you were vacating
he/she/it was vacating
they were vacating
I will be vacating
we will be vacating
you will be vacating
he/she/it will be vacating
they will be vacating
I have been vacating
we have been vacating
you have been vacating
he/she/it has been vacating
they have been vacating
I had been vacating
we had been vacating
you had been vacating
he/she/it had been vacating
they had been vacating
I will have been vacating
we will have been vacating
you will have been vacating
he/she/it will have been vacating
they will have been vacating
I would have vacated
we would have vacated
you would have vacated
he/she/it would have vacated
they would have vacated
I would be vacating
we would be vacating
you would be vacating
he/she/it would be vacating
they would be vacating
I would have been vacating
we would have been vacating
you would have been vacating
he/she/it would have been vacating
they would have been vacating