How Do You Spell VAS?

The word "vas" refers to a vessel or duct in the body. Its spelling may seem confusing because it starts with "v" but sounds like it should start with "w". This is because in the original Latin pronunciation, "v" was pronounced as "w". So, the IPA phonetic transcription for "vas" would be /væs/ with the "v" sounding like "w". Despite the spelling challenge, "vas" is an important term in the medical field for understanding the body's structure and function.

Common Misspellings for VAS

  • vzs
  • vws
  • vqs
  • vcas
  • bvas
  • vbas
  • fvas
  • vfas
  • vzas
  • vazs
  • vsas
  • vaws
  • vqas
  • vaqs
  • vasz
  • vaxs
  • vasx
  • vads
  • vasd
  • vasw
  • vvas
  • 6as
  • va3
  • v as
  • va s

Similar spelling words for VAS

Plural form of VAS is VASA

6 words made out of letters VAS

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3 letters


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