How Do You Spell VENIRE?

Venire is a legal term derived from Latin and pronounced /vɛnɪrɛ/. The phonetic transcription of the word is "veh-nuh-ray". The spelling of the word is straightforward, with a "v" sound at the beginning, followed by the short "e" sound, then "n" and "i" pronounced as in English, and finally "re" with a soft "r" sound and a long "e" sound. In legal contexts, venire refers to the process of selecting jurors for a trial or hearing.

Common Misspellings for VENIRE

  • cenire
  • genire
  • fenire
  • vwnire
  • vsnire
  • vdnire
  • vrnire
  • v4nire
  • v3nire
  • vebire
  • vejire
  • vehire
  • venjre
  • venkre
  • venore
  • ven9re
  • ven8re
  • veniee
  • venite

Similar spelling words for VENIRE

Plural form of VENIRE is VENIRES

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