How Do You Spell VESICLE?

Pronunciation: [vˈɛsɪkə͡l] (IPA)

The word "vesicle" is spelled with the letters V-E-S-I-C-L-E, and is pronounced /ˈvɛsikəl/. The "v" in vesicle is pronounced as a voiced labiodental fricative sound /v/, while the "s" and "c" are both pronounced as an unvoiced alveolar sibilant /s/. The second syllable, "-i-cle," is pronounced as /ɪkəl/. The word refers to small fluid-filled sacs found in cells or tissues, and is commonly used in medical and biological contexts.

VESICLE Meaning and Definition

A vesicle is a small, fluid-filled sac or cavity that is enclosed by a membrane. It is commonly found within the cells of living organisms and can serve various functions depending on its specific location and composition. Vesicles play critical roles in cellular processes such as transportation, storage, and communication.

In cellular transportation, vesicles serve as packages that transport molecules and substances within and between cells. They can bud off from one part of the cell, carrying their cargo, and may fuse with another part of the cell to release the molecules they are carrying. This allows for the movement of various substances, such as proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates, throughout the cell.

Vesicles are also involved in storage functions within cells. They can accumulate and store important molecules, such as neurotransmitters in nerve cells or hormones in endocrine cells, until they are needed for release.

Furthermore, vesicles can participate in intercellular communication. In this process, known as exocytosis, vesicles fuse with the cell membrane and release their contents into the extracellular space. This enables cells to communicate with each other by releasing signaling molecules, such as neurotransmitters or hormones, which then interact with receptors on neighboring cells.

Overall, vesicles are versatile structures that are fundamental to cell biology and are involved in various crucial processes necessary for the proper functioning of organisms.

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Etymology of VESICLE

The word "vesicle" comes from the Latin term "vesicula", which means "small bladder" or "little bladder". This word is a diminutive form of "vesica", which means "bladder". The Latin term "vesica" also had the usage of "bladder-like structure" in the anatomical context, which gives rise to its application in biology, specifically referring to small fluid-filled sacs or cavities in organisms.

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Plural form of VESICLE is VESICLES


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