How Do You Spell VOX?

Pronunciation: [vˈɒks] (IPA)

The word "vox" is Latin for "voice", and it is spelled with three letters in English. Its IP phonetic transcription is /vɑks/ or "vahks". The "o" is pronounced as "ah" and the "x" represents the combination of the consonants "ks". The pronunciation of this word may differ based on the speaker's accent or the context in which it is used. "Vox" is often used in reference to media outlets or channels that broadcast news and current affairs.

VOX Meaning and Definition

  1. Vox is a Latin word that translates to "voice" in English. It primarily refers to the sound produced by vocal cords, with an emphasis on the act of speaking or uttering sounds. In this context, vox has a direct connection to the concept of language and communication.

    Beyond its literal meaning, vox also has several metaphorical interpretations and applications. It can represent the collective voices or opinions of a group of people. In this sense, vox emphasizes the power or influence that a unified voice can have when expressing shared beliefs or advocating for a particular cause. It aligns with the idea that a unified voice can carry more impact and bring about change.

    Furthermore, vox is occasionally used in political contexts to describe certain media outlets or publications known for expressing particular opinions or biases. The term "vox populi," meaning "voice of the people" in Latin, refers to the idea that public opinion or popular sentiment holds significance in matters of governance or decision-making.

    Overall, vox encompasses both the literal and metaphorical aspects of human voice and communication. It captures the essence of expressing thoughts, emotions, and ideas through spoken language while also signifying the collective power that voices can hold in society.

  2. Voice.

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Etymology of VOX

The word "vox" has its roots in Latin. It comes from the Latin term "vox" itself, which means "voice" or "sound". This Latin word has been adopted into various languages, including English, where it has influenced several terms related to voice and communication, such as vocal, vocalize, and voice.

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Plural form of VOX is VOCES


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