How Do You Spell WADS?

Correct spelling for the English word "wads" is [w_ˈɒ_d_z], [wˈɒdz], [wˈɒdz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for WADS

Below is the list of 158 misspellings for the word "wads".

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Anagrams of WADS

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Usage Examples for WADS

  1. Smallwood and Lynn, back from the convention, left thick wads of copy on the city editor's desk and went out for a late lunch. - "The Lash" by Olin L. Lyman
  2. There were innumerable little things, besides a stiff white shirt, a cheap shiny Bible, a stuffed parrot and several wads of clothes. - "The Stolen Singer" by Martha Idell Fletcher Bellinger

What does wads stand for?

Abbreviation WADS means:

  1. Wide Area Detection System
  2. West African Drug Syndicate

Conjugate verb Wads


I would wad
we would wad
you would wad
he/she/it would wad
they would wad


I will wad
we will wad
you will wad
he/she/it will wad
they will wad


I will have wadded
we will have wadded
you will have wadded
he/she/it will have wadded
they will have wadded


I wadded
we wadded
you wadded
he/she/it wadded
they wadded


I had wadded
we had wadded
you had wadded
he/she/it had wadded
they had wadded


I wad
we wad
you wad
he/she/it wads
they wad


I have wadded
we have wadded
you have wadded
he/she/it has wadded
they have wadded
I am wadding
we are wadding
you are wadding
he/she/it is wadding
they are wadding
I was wadding
we were wadding
you were wadding
he/she/it was wadding
they were wadding
I will be wadding
we will be wadding
you will be wadding
he/she/it will be wadding
they will be wadding
I have been wadding
we have been wadding
you have been wadding
he/she/it has been wadding
they have been wadding
I had been wadding
we had been wadding
you had been wadding
he/she/it had been wadding
they had been wadding
I will have been wadding
we will have been wadding
you will have been wadding
he/she/it will have been wadding
they will have been wadding
I would have wadded
we would have wadded
you would have wadded
he/she/it would have wadded
they would have wadded
I would be wadding
we would be wadding
you would be wadding
he/she/it would be wadding
they would be wadding
I would have been wadding
we would have been wadding
you would have been wadding
he/she/it would have been wadding
they would have been wadding