How Do You Spell WAGS?

Correct spelling for the English word "wags" is [w_ˈa_ɡ_z], [wˈaɡz], [wˈaɡz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for WAGS

Below is the list of 131 misspellings for the word "wags".

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Anagrams of WAGS

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Usage Examples for WAGS

  1. His exposition was very learned, very ingenious, and very interesting, but it had no effect in silencing the newspaper wags, who at once adopted his newly- coined word, " heterophemy," and made it the butt of many jests. - "Recollections of a Varied Life" by George Cary Eggleston
  2. And then a little lamb bolts up behind The hill and wags his tail to meet the yoe, And then another, sheltered from the wind, Lies all his length as dead- and lets me go Close bye and never stirs but baking lies, With legs stretched out as though he could not rise. - "Poems Chiefly From Manuscript" by John Clare

What does wags stand for?

Abbreviation WAGS means:

  1. Water and Gas Safety
  2. Water Action Groups

Conjugate verb Wags


I would wag
we would wag
you would wag
he/she/it would wag
they would wag


I will wag
we will wag
you will wag
he/she/it will wag
they will wag


I will have wagged
we will have wagged
you will have wagged
he/she/it will have wagged
they will have wagged


I wagged
we wagged
you wagged
he/she/it wagged
they wagged


I had wagged
we had wagged
you had wagged
he/she/it had wagged
they had wagged


I wag
we wag
you wag
he/she/it wags
they wag


I have wagged
we have wagged
you have wagged
he/she/it has wagged
they have wagged
I am wagging
we are wagging
you are wagging
he/she/it is wagging
they are wagging
I was wagging
we were wagging
you were wagging
he/she/it was wagging
they were wagging
I will be wagging
we will be wagging
you will be wagging
he/she/it will be wagging
they will be wagging
I have been wagging
we have been wagging
you have been wagging
he/she/it has been wagging
they have been wagging
I had been wagging
we had been wagging
you had been wagging
he/she/it had been wagging
they had been wagging
I will have been wagging
we will have been wagging
you will have been wagging
he/she/it will have been wagging
they will have been wagging
I would have wagged
we would have wagged
you would have wagged
he/she/it would have wagged
they would have wagged
I would be wagging
we would be wagging
you would be wagging
he/she/it would be wagging
they would be wagging
I would have been wagging
we would have been wagging
you would have been wagging
he/she/it would have been wagging
they would have been wagging