How Do You Spell WANKY?

The spelling of the word "wanky" may seem confusing, but it is phonetically consistent with how the word is pronounced. The IPA transcription for "wanky" is /ˈwæŋki/. The "w" is pronounced as the letter "w", while the "a" is pronounced as in the word "cat". The "ng" sound is spelled with the letter "n" and the letter "g" combines to create the nasal velar consonant. Finally, the letter "y" at the end of the word represents the vowel sound /i/.

Common Misspellings for WANKY

  • qanky
  • aanky
  • eanky
  • 3anky
  • 2anky
  • wznky
  • wwnky
  • wqnky
  • wabky
  • wamky
  • wajky
  • wahky
  • wanmy
  • wanoy
  • wankt
  • wankg
  • wankh
  • wank7
  • wank6
  • qwanky

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