How Do You Spell WARDS?

Correct spelling for the English word "wards" is [w_ˈɔː_d_z], [wˈɔːdz], [wˈɔːdz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for WARDS

Below is the list of 148 misspellings for the word "wards".

Definition of WARDS

  1. Denoting motion to or from a point; as, upward, outward.

Anagrams of WARDS

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Usage Examples for WARDS

  1. The Sisters of Mercy who had tended it were still there, but the wards were now deserted. - "La Vendée An Historical Romance" by Anthony Trollope
  2. But the Jews were the weaker party: they were overpowered, and all driven into one ward, and four hundred of their houses in the other wards were plundered, and the spoil divided as if taken in war. - "History Of Egypt From 330 B.C. To The Present Time, Volume 11 (of 12)" by S. Rappoport

Conjugate verb Wards


I would ward
we would ward
you would ward
he/she/it would ward
they would ward


I will ward
we will ward
you will ward
he/she/it will ward
they will ward


I will have warded
we will have warded
you will have warded
he/she/it will have warded
they will have warded


I warded
we warded
you warded
he/she/it warded
they warded


I had warded
we had warded
you had warded
he/she/it had warded
they had warded


I ward
we ward
you ward
he/she/it wards
they ward


I have warded
we have warded
you have warded
he/she/it has warded
they have warded
I am warding
we are warding
you are warding
he/she/it is warding
they are warding
I was warding
we were warding
you were warding
he/she/it was warding
they were warding
I will be warding
we will be warding
you will be warding
he/she/it will be warding
they will be warding
I have been warding
we have been warding
you have been warding
he/she/it has been warding
they have been warding
I had been warding
we had been warding
you had been warding
he/she/it had been warding
they had been warding
I will have been warding
we will have been warding
you will have been warding
he/she/it will have been warding
they will have been warding
I would have warded
we would have warded
you would have warded
he/she/it would have warded
they would have warded
I would be warding
we would be warding
you would be warding
he/she/it would be warding
they would be warding
I would have been warding
we would have been warding
you would have been warding
he/she/it would have been warding
they would have been warding