How Do You Spell WAZIR?

The spelling of the word "Wazir" can be a bit confusing because it is originally a Persian term, but has been adopted by many languages including English. The correct pronunciation of "Wazir" is /wəˈzɪər/ (wuh-zeer) with the stress on the first syllable. In Arabic, the word is spelled as "وزير" (wazīr) and in Persian, it is spelled as "وزیر" (vazir). The word "Wazir" means "minister" or "adviser" and is often used in titles such as "Prime Minister" or "Chief Advisor".

Common Misspellings for WAZIR

  • qazir
  • sazir
  • eazir
  • 3azir
  • 2azir
  • wzzir
  • wszir
  • wwzir
  • wqzir
  • waxir
  • wazjr
  • wazkr
  • waz9r
  • waz8r
  • wazie
  • wazi5
  • wazi4
  • qwazir
  • wqazir
  • awazir

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