How Do You Spell WBBM?

WBBM is a radio station call sign based in Chicago, Illinois. The spelling of this word phonetically can be represented as [ˌdʌb ˌjuː ˈbiː ˈbiː ˈɛm]. The letter "W" represents the station's location in the Western Hemisphere, while "BB" stands for "black and blue", a phrase used by the station's founder to describe the station's sound. Finally, "M" refers to the station's frequency modulation, meaning it is transmitted using modulated radio waves. Overall, WBBM serves as a well-known call sign in the world of radio broadcasting.

Common Misspellings for WBBM

  • 3bbm
  • 2bbm
  • qwbbm
  • wqbbm
  • awbbm
  • swbbm
  • ewbbm
  • webbm
  • 3wbbm
  • w3bbm
  • 2wbbm
  • w2bbm
  • wvbbm
  • wgbbm
  • wbbbm
  • wbbmm
  • w bbm
  • wb bm
  • wbb m

5 words made out of letters WBBM

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