How Do You Spell WEAL?

Correct spelling for the English word "weal" is [w_ˈiː_l], [wˈiːl], [wˈiːl]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Similar spelling words for WEAL

Plural form of WEAL is WEALS

Anagrams of WEAL

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Usage Examples for WEAL

  1. Then gathering up my gains at last, Mid " sayonaras" soft And bows and gentle courtesies Repeated oft and oft, My host and I should part-" O please The skies much weal to waft His years," I'd think, then cross San- jo To fair Chion- in aloft. - "Nirvana Days" by Cale Young Rice
  2. We'll o'er the water an' o'er the sea, We'll o'er the water to Charlie, Come weal, come woe, we'll gather and go, And live and die wi' Charlie. - "Melody The Story of a Child" by Laura E. Richards
  3. Is there a callous mind, that does not feel An anxious interest in the public weal! - "Vignettes in Verse" by Matilda Betham