How Do You Spell WHIP?

Pronunciation: [wˈɪp] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "whip" is unique due to its pronunciation. In IPA phonetic transcription, it is represented as /wɪp/. The "w" at the beginning represents the "w" sound, followed by the short "i" sound represented by "ɪ". The "p" at the end represents the unvoiced plosive sound, pronounced with a sudden release of air. Overall, the spelling of "whip" reflects its sharp and fast pronunciation, often used to denote a quick movement or a tool for punishment.

WHIP Meaning and Definition

The term "whip" encompasses multiple definitions, serving as both a noun and a verb. As a noun, a whip refers to a flexible instrument typically made of leather or a similar material, which is used to strike or hit objects or animals. Its design features a handle with a long, thin lash attached to it. Whips have historically been associated with various uses, such as directing or controlling animals, enforcing discipline, or inflicting punishment.

Additionally, "whip" can refer to a person in a political context. In this sense, a whip is an official within a political party responsible for ensuring discipline and unity among party members during legislative proceedings. The whip acts as a liaison between party leadership and members, conveying instructions, maintaining attendance, and ensuring members' adherence to party policies and positions.

As a verb, "whip" means to move something forcefully or quickly, often causing it to create a sound like a cracking noise. For example, one can whip a towel to elicit a snapping sound. "Whip" can also denote the act of beating or stirring something vigorously or rapidly, like whipping cream or eggs.

In a figurative sense, "whip" can imply moving swiftly or skillfully, such as a whip-like motion with one's body or a vehicle's speed.

Overall, "whip" encompasses various meanings ranging from an instrument used for striking or controlling, to a political position, to forceful or rapid movements.

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Etymology of WHIP

The word "whip" originated from the Old English word "hwippan", which means "to strike" or "to beat". It has Germanic roots and is related to the Old High German word "hwif", meaning "quick movement" or "swing". Over time, the term evolved to specifically refer to a tool with a flexible handle and a lash used for striking or controlling animals. It has further developed various figurative and symbolic meanings in different contexts.

Idioms with the word WHIP

  • whip sth off The idiom "whip sth off" means to quickly and efficiently remove or take off something, often referring to clothing or an item. It suggests a swift and effortless action.
  • a fair crack of the whip The idiom "a fair crack of the whip" is used to refer to giving someone a fair and equal opportunity or chance to achieve something. It implies providing someone with a reasonable and just opportunity to succeed or excel in a particular situation. It suggests ensuring that the treatment or chances offered to someone are unbiased, without favoritism, and equal to those given to others.
  • have the whip hand The idiom "have the whip hand" means to have control or dominance over a situation or over someone else. It implies having the upper hand, being in a position of authority, or having the power to influence and manipulate others.
  • whip sm or sth into shape The idiom "whip someone or something into shape" means to bring someone or something under control, often by exerting strict discipline or taking decisive action to improve efficiency, performance, or organization. It implies taking charge and enforcing order to create a more structured, productive, or well-managed situation.
  • get, have, hold, etc. the whip hand The idiom "get, have, hold, etc. the whip hand" means to have control or dominance in a situation or over someone else. It implies having the upper hand, power, or authority to influence or dictate the outcome or course of events. The phrase originated from horse riding, where holding the whip hand would allow the rider to control or guide the horse effectively.
  • give sb a fair crack of the whip The idiom "give someone a fair crack of the whip" means to give someone a fair opportunity to do something or to have a fair chance at something. It implies the idea of giving someone a fair and equal chance to prove themselves or succeed in a particular situation.
  • whip sb/sth into shape The idiom "whip sb/sth into shape" means to forcefully or vigorously bring someone or something into a more organized, efficient, or disciplined state through strict control, discipline, or instruction. It often implies that the person or thing being whipped into shape was previously lacking order, productivity, or effectiveness.
  • whip back (on sm) The idiom "whip back (on someone)" refers to someone quickly changing their opinion, attitude, or behavior towards another person, often becoming hostile or critical. It implies a sudden and unexpected shift in behavior or attitude towards someone.
  • whip sm or sth on The idiom "whip someone or something on" typically means to force, encourage, or propel someone or something forward with a sense of urgency or speed. It is often used to convey the idea of motivating or pushing someone to achieve a task or goal promptly and efficiently.
  • whip away The idiom "whip away" means to remove or take something or someone quickly and forcefully. It implies a sense of speed and efficiency in the action of removing or grabbing something without delay.
  • hold the whip hand The idiom "hold the whip hand" refers to being in a position of control or authority over someone or a situation. It implies having the upper hand or having the power to direct and influence the outcomes.
  • whip in The idiom "whip in" typically means to quickly round up or gather people or things, often with the intention of organizing or commanding them efficiently. It can also refer to forcefully and swiftly getting something accomplished or completed.
  • whip sm into doing sth The idiom "whip someone into doing something" means to motivate or force someone to do a particular task or action, often through strict or forceful measures. It implies using authority, pressure, or persuasion to make someone act in a desired way or achieve a specific goal.
  • have/hold the whip hand To "have/hold the whip hand" means to have control or power over a situation or over others. It refers to being in a dominant or superior position, where one can exercise authority or influence.
  • whip sth away (from sm) The idiom "whip something away (from someone)" means to quickly and swiftly remove or take something away from someone or a particular place. It implies that the action is done rapidly and with force, often catching the person or others by surprise.
  • whip through sth The idiom "whip through something" typically means to complete a task or activity quickly and efficiently. It suggests that someone is able to accomplish something rapidly, often with ease and without encountering any significant obstacles or delays.
  • whip through The idiom "whip through" is used to describe the act of completing a task or activity very quickly and efficiently, often with great speed or ease. It implies that the person or thing involved swiftly moves through or accomplishes something without wasting time or encountering obstacles. In essence, it suggests rapid progress or success in a particular endeavor.
  • whip sth out The idiom "whip something out" means to quickly and effortlessly produce or retrieve something, usually from a pocket, bag, or another container. It implies a swift and efficient action of pulling out an object without delay.
  • whip sth into sth To "whip something into something" is an idiomatic expression that means to quickly and energetically transform or organize something, typically to improve its condition or appearance. It often implies the idea of bringing order or efficiency to a particular situation or process.
  • whip (sth written) off to sm The idiom "whip (sth written) off to sm" means to quickly and efficiently send or deliver a written document or message to someone. It implies acting promptly and without delay.
  • whip a U-ie The idiomatic expression "whip a U-ie" refers to the act of making a sudden and swift U-turn while driving, often to go back in the opposite direction. It implies a quick change of course or direction, usually due to a sudden realization, change of plans, or to correct a mistake.
  • whip into sth The idiom "whip into something" usually means to quickly and energetically transform or prepare something, especially to make it organized, efficient, or presentable. It suggests the idea of acting swiftly or forcefully to get things in order or shape.
  • whip sth/sb into shape, at knock/lick sth/sb into shape The idiom "whip something/somebody into shape" or "knock/lick something/somebody into shape" means to bring something or someone into a better, more organized, or disciplined state. It refers to the act of taking control, making necessary improvements or corrections, and instilling discipline or order to achieve the desired outcome. It implies a forceful or determined approach to transform or improve the situation or person involved.
  • whip sth over (to sm) The idiom "whip something over (to someone)" means to send or deliver something quickly or promptly to someone, often referring to documents or information. It implies expeditious action in transferring or passing on something to another person, typically through electronic or quick means of communication.
  • whip up sth To "whip up something" means to quickly and skillfully prepare or create something, often referring to food or a meal. It can also be used more generally to describe quickly creating or producing something, such as an idea or a solution.
  • whip into doing The idiom "whip into doing" means to forcefully motivate or inspire someone to take action or engage in a particular activity. It implies a sense of urgency and swift action, as if being "whipped" into action.
  • whip someone's ass The idiom "whip someone's ass" generally means to defeat or overpower someone in a physical or metaphorical sense by applying force, strength, or persuasion. It can also refer to reprimanding or punishing someone severely.
  • whip sth up The idiom "whip sth up" means to quickly and skillfully create or prepare something, often referring to food, a meal, or a project. It can also imply the ability to generate enthusiasm or excitement about something, mobilize or organize a group, or create a stir or reaction.
  • give a fair crack of the whip The idiom "give a fair crack of the whip" means to provide someone with a fair opportunity or chance to succeed at something. It implies granting them a fair and equitable chance to prove themselves, usually in a competitive or challenging situation.
  • a fair shake, at a fair crack of the whip The idiom "a fair shake, at a fair crack of the whip" means to have a just and equitable opportunity or chance to prove oneself, be treated fairly, or succeed without any bias or unfair advantage. It implies that everyone should be given equal opportunities and be evaluated based on merit rather than external factors.
  • give (one) a fair crack of the whip The idiom "give (one) a fair crack of the whip" means to give someone a fair opportunity or chance to succeed, compete, or express oneself without any unjust or biased treatment. It implies allowing someone to have a fair go, equal treatment, or a level playing field.
  • get the whip hand To "get the whip hand" means to gain control or dominance over someone or a situation. It refers to having the upper hand or being in a position of power and control.
  • whip around The idiom "whip around" typically means to move quickly or turn sharply, often referring to a sudden change in direction. It can also be used to describe a quick search or examination in order to find or gather something.
  • whip sm or sth around The idiom "whip sm or sth around" typically refers to the action of rotating or turning something quickly or forcefully. It can also imply the act of organizing or completing a task swiftly and efficiently.
  • whip into shape The idiom "whip into shape" means to forcefully or quickly bring someone or something into a better condition, order, or state of efficiency through strict discipline, training, or organizing efforts.
  • crack the whip The idiom "crack the whip" means to exert authority or control over others, often in a strict or forceful manner. It refers to the action of wielding a whip to make a loud cracking sound, which traditionally has been used to control and direct animals or people performing tasks.
  • whip up The idiom "whip up" means to create or prepare something quickly and energetically, usually referring to food or a meal. It implies the act of making something from scratch with speed and enthusiasm.
  • whip sm into a state
  • whip sm up
  • whip the dummy To "whip the dummy" means to scold or reprimand someone harshly or severely. It is often used in a figurative sense to describe someone being disciplined or reprimanded for their actions or behavior.
  • whip the cat The idiom "whip the cat" means to avoid doing anything productive or to waste time in a trivial or aimless manner.

Similar spelling words for WHIP

Plural form of WHIP is WHIPS

Conjugate verb Whip


I would have whipped
you would have whipped
he/she/it would have whipped
we would have whipped
they would have whipped
I would have whip
you would have whip
he/she/it would have whip
we would have whip
they would have whip


I would have been whipping
you would have been whipping
he/she/it would have been whipping
we would have been whipping
they would have been whipping


I would whip
you would whip
he/she/it would whip
we would whip
they would whip


I would be whipping
you would be whipping
he/she/it would be whipping
we would be whipping
they would be whipping


I will whip
you will whip
he/she/it will whip
we will whip
they will whip


I will be whipping
you will be whipping
he/she/it will be whipping
we will be whipping
they will be whipping


I will have whipped
you will have whipped
he/she/it will have whipped
we will have whipped
they will have whipped


I will have been whipping
you will have been whipping
he/she/it will have been whipping
we will have been whipping
they will have been whipping


you whip
we let´s whip


to whip


I was whipping
you were whipping
he/she/it was whipping
we were whipping
they were whipping




I had whipped
you had whipped
he/she/it had whipped
we had whipped
they had whipped


I had been whipping
you had been whipping
he/she/it had been whipping
we had been whipping
they had been whipping


I whip
you whip
he/she/it whips
we whip
they whip


I am whipping
you are whipping
he/she/it is whipping
we are whipping
they are whipping




I have whipped
you have whipped
he/she/it has whipped
we have whipped
they have whipped


I have been whipping
you have been whipping
he/she/it has been whipping
we have been whipping
they have been whipping


he/she/it whip


I whipped
you whipped
he/she/it whipped
we whipped
they whipped


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