How Do You Spell WHIRRS?

Correct spelling for the English word "whirrs" is [wˈɜːz], [wˈɜːz], [w_ˈɜː_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Anagrams of WHIRRS

5 letters

4 letters

Usage Examples for WHIRRS

  1. There were frequent whirrs of wings in the air as small flocks of game birds rose from the water and sedge near by. - "A Boy's Ride" by Gulielma Zollinger
  2. At the back of the stage she turns suddenly, advances; the snapping of her fingers gets loud, insistent; a thrill whirrs through the guitar like a covey of partridges scared in a field. - "Rosinante to the Road Again" by John Dos Passos

Conjugate verb Whirrs


I would whirr
we would whirr
you would whirr
he/she/it would whirr
they would whirr


I will whirr
we will whirr
you will whirr
he/she/it will whirr
they will whirr


I will have whirred
we will have whirred
you will have whirred
he/she/it will have whirred
they will have whirred


I whirred
we whirred
you whirred
he/she/it whirred
they whirred


I had whirred
we had whirred
you had whirred
he/she/it had whirred
they had whirred


I whirr
we whirr
you whirr
he/she/it whirrs
they whirr


I have whirred
we have whirred
you have whirred
he/she/it has whirred
they have whirred
I am whirring
we are whirring
you are whirring
he/she/it is whirring
they are whirring
I was whirring
we were whirring
you were whirring
he/she/it was whirring
they were whirring
I will be whirring
we will be whirring
you will be whirring
he/she/it will be whirring
they will be whirring
I have been whirring
we have been whirring
you have been whirring
he/she/it has been whirring
they have been whirring
I had been whirring
we had been whirring
you had been whirring
he/she/it had been whirring
they had been whirring
I will have been whirring
we will have been whirring
you will have been whirring
he/she/it will have been whirring
they will have been whirring
I would have whirred
we would have whirred
you would have whirred
he/she/it would have whirred
they would have whirred
I would be whirring
we would be whirring
you would be whirring
he/she/it would be whirring
they would be whirring
I would have been whirring
we would have been whirring
you would have been whirring
he/she/it would have been whirring
they would have been whirring