How Do You Spell WIDENING?

Pronunciation: [wˈa͡ɪdnɪŋ] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "widening" can be explained using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). The IPA phonetic transcription for "widening" is /ˈwaɪ.də.nɪŋ/. The symbol /w/ represents the beginning sound of the word, which is a voiced labiovelar glide. The symbol /aɪ/ represents the diphthong sound for the "i" and "i" sounds, while the symbol /də/ represents the schwa sound for the middle syllable. Finally, the symbol /nɪŋ/ represents the ending sound of the word, which is a voiced velar nasal.

WIDENING Meaning and Definition

  1. Widening is a term used to describe the act or process of becoming wider or broader, typically referring to an increase in width or size. It commonly denotes the expansion or enlargement of an object, area, distance, or gap. The concept of widening can be applied to various contexts, such as physical spaces, roads, borders, knowledge, perspectives, gaps, or differences.

    In a spatial sense, widening can refer to the act of making a space or area broader, either by physically increasing its dimensions or creating additional room. For instance, widening a road involves making it wider to accommodate more traffic lanes or improve its capacity. Similarly, the widening of a river can involve efforts to increase its width, allowing for better water flow or flood prevention.

    In a metaphorical or figurative sense, widening can describe the expansion of knowledge, ideas, or perspectives. It suggests broadening one's understanding or awareness by considering different viewpoints, embracing diversity, or acquiring new information. The process of widening can promote open-mindedness, inclusivity, and the recognition of previously unexplored possibilities.

    Overall, widening is a term that encompasses the act or state of becoming wider or broader, whether in physical or conceptual terms. It implies an increase in size, scope, or understanding, facilitating progress, development, and expansion.

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Etymology of WIDENING

The word "widening" is derived from the verb "widen", which in turn is formed from the combination of "wide" and the suffix "-en". The verb "wide" traces back to the Old English word "wid", meaning "broad" or "spacious". The suffix "-en" is used to create a verb from an adjective, indicating that the action of widening has taken place.

Similar spelling words for WIDENING

Plural form of WIDENING is WIDENINGS

Conjugate verb Widening


I would widen
we would widen
you would widen
he/she/it would widen
they would widen


I will widen
we will widen
you will widen
he/she/it will widen
they will widen


I will have widened
we will have widened
you will have widened
he/she/it will have widened
they will have widened


I widened
we widened
you widened
he/she/it widened
they widened


I had widened
we had widened
you had widened
he/she/it had widened
they had widened


I widen
we widen
you widen
he/she/it widens
they widen


I have widened
we have widened
you have widened
he/she/it has widened
they have widened
I am widening
we are widening
you are widening
he/she/it is widening
they are widening
I was widening
we were widening
you were widening
he/she/it was widening
they were widening
I will be widening
we will be widening
you will be widening
he/she/it will be widening
they will be widening
I have been widening
we have been widening
you have been widening
he/she/it has been widening
they have been widening
I had been widening
we had been widening
you had been widening
he/she/it had been widening
they had been widening
I will have been widening
we will have been widening
you will have been widening
he/she/it will have been widening
they will have been widening
I would have widened
we would have widened
you would have widened
he/she/it would have widened
they would have widened
I would be widening
we would be widening
you would be widening
he/she/it would be widening
they would be widening
I would have been widening
we would have been widening
you would have been widening
he/she/it would have been widening
they would have been widening


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