How Do You Spell WINS?

Correct spelling for the English word "wins" is [w_ˈɪ_n_z], [wˈɪnz], [wˈɪnz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for WINS

Below is the list of 212 misspellings for the word "wins".

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Anagrams of WINS

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Usage Examples for WINS

  1. The Declarer wins the first trick, has Ace at the head of his long Trumps; also, Ace, King, and two losing Clubs. - "Auction of To-day" by Milton C. Work
  2. He knew that the man with the money usually wins. - "From One Generation to Another" by Henry Seton Merriman

What does wins stand for?

Abbreviation WINS means:

  1. Working To Improve Needed Skills
  2. Work Ideas For New Solutions

Conjugate verb Wins


I would win
we would win
you would win
he/she/it would win
they would win


I will win
we will win
you will win
he/she/it will win
they will win


I will have won
we will have won
you will have won
he/she/it will have won
they will have won


I won
we won
you won
he/she/it won
they won


I had won
we had won
you had won
he/she/it had won
they had won


I win
we win
you win
he/she/it wins
they win


I have won
we have won
you have won
he/she/it has won
they have won
I am winning
we are winning
you are winning
he/she/it is winning
they are winning
I was winning
we were winning
you were winning
he/she/it was winning
they were winning
I will be winning
we will be winning
you will be winning
he/she/it will be winning
they will be winning
I have been winning
we have been winning
you have been winning
he/she/it has been winning
they have been winning
I had been winning
we had been winning
you had been winning
he/she/it had been winning
they had been winning
I will have been winning
we will have been winning
you will have been winning
he/she/it will have been winning
they will have been winning
I would have won
we would have won
you would have won
he/she/it would have won
they would have won
I would be winning
we would be winning
you would be winning
he/she/it would be winning
they would be winning
I would have been winning
we would have been winning
you would have been winning
he/she/it would have been winning
they would have been winning