How Do You Spell WITT?

Correct spelling for the English word "Witt" is [w_ˈɪ_t], [wˈɪt], [wˈɪt]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for WITT

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Usage Examples for WITT

  1. We remained there until the spring, and then removed to a house more immediately in the town, a charming old- fashioned mansion, once lived in by John de Witt, where he had a large library and every domestic comfort during the year of his sojourn. - "Memoir of John Lothrop Motley, Complete" by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Last Updated: February 6, 2009
  2. Witt Doehring then shows how faithfully the system of Weishaupt was carried out by the Alta Vendita. - "Secret Societies And Subversive Movements" by Nesta H. Webster
  3. This declaration of the President is consistent with his avowed sentiments touching the Missouri question, on which he coincided with such men as Daniel D. Thompkins, De Witt Clinton, and others, whose names are a host. - "The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus" by American Anti-Slavery Society
  4. I daresay they do at De Witt Point. - "An Open-Eyed Conspiracy--An Idyl of Saratoga" by William Dean Howells

What does Witt stand for?

Abbreviation WITT means:

  1. Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki
  2. Western Institute of Technology Taranaki