How Do You Spell WITTMANN?

Pronunciation: [wˈɪtman] (IPA)

The spelling of the German surname "Wittmann" follows the standard pronunciation rules of German. Using IPA phonetic transcription, "Wittmann" would be pronounced as /vɪtman/. The "w" in German is pronounced as a "v" sound while the double "t" creates a glottal stop before the "m" sound. The double "n" indicates a nasal sound on the final syllable. Overall, the spelling accurately reflects the phonetic pronunciation of the name in German.

Etymology of WITTMANN

The word "Wittmann" is of German origin. It is a compound word formed from the elements "witt", which means "white" or "bright", and "mann", meaning "man". Therefore, "Wittmann" can be translated as "white man" or "bright man" in English. It is a common surname in German-speaking countries, and it may also be derived from a patronymic form of the given name "Wit", which means "wide" or "wide-ranging" in Old High German.

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