How Do You Spell WOLD?

Pronunciation: [wˈə͡ʊld] (IPA)

The word "wold" is spelled with an "o" although it may be pronounced like "weld" with an "e" sound. In IPA phonetic transcription, the pronunciation is /wəʊld/. Despite the similar sounds, the spelling of "wold" actually originates from the Old English word "weald," meaning a forest or wooded highland. Over time, the word evolved to its current spelling, although its meaning has expanded to include any unenclosed upland landscape.

WOLD Meaning and Definition

  1. Wold is a noun that refers to a tract or open expanse of rolling, hilly country, often covered in grass or heather. It is primarily used in geography and especially applies to areas found in England. The term is commonly associated with the elevated and undulating landscapes of Yorkshire and the North and East Ridings.

    The word derives from the Old English term "wald," which originally meant forest or wooded land. Over time, the meaning shifted to encompass open and uncultivated land. Wolds typically feature gentle slopes, hilltops, and wide expanses, making them ideal for agriculture, grazing, and rural activities. Their distinctive character and panoramic views often make them popular for hiking, leisure activities, and nature walks.

    The term may also be used metaphorically to describe a broader sense of openness or expansiveness, referring to a wide range of subjects beyond physical geography. In this context, "wold" connotes a sense of freedom, vastness, and tranquility.

    Overall, wolds are characterized by their natural beauty, rural charm, and scenic vistas, often capturing the imagination of those seeking solace in picturesque surroundings.

  2. • A wood or forest; the low country lying between the North and South Downs of Kent and Sussex.
    • A down hilly and void of wood; a plain or open country; same as weald, which see.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of WOLD

The word "wold" is of Old English origin. It comes from the Old English word "weald", which means "forest" or "wooded land". Over time, the spelling evolved to "wold". In Old English, "weald" was often used to describe a hilly or elevated region covered in forest. In some areas of England, the term "wold" is still used to refer to upland or moorland areas.

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Plural form of WOLD is WOLDS


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