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Pronunciation: [wˈɜːldz] (IPA)

The word "worlds" is spelled with a silent "l" which can be tricky for non-native English speakers. In IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) transcription, it is pronounced as /wɔrldz/. The "w" is pronounced as "wuh" followed by a short "o" sound. The "r" is tapped twice and the "l" is silent. The final "d" and "s" are pronounced together. This common plural form of "world" can refer to multiple planets or different versions of reality, making it a versatile and important word in the English language.

WORLDS Meaning and Definition

  1. Worlds is the plural form of the noun "world," which refers to the Earth and all living things inhabiting it, along with the surrounding space and celestial bodies. It can also depict the totality of human existence, encompassing all aspects of society, civilizations, and cultures. With respect to this broader meaning, the term "worlds" implies the diversity and uniqueness of different regions and societies worldwide.

    In a more figurative sense, "worlds" can denote alternate realities or fictional universes presented in literature, film, or video games. These imaginative worlds often have their own set of rules, characters, and landscapes that differ from our own. They serve as spaces for escapism and creative expression, allowing individuals to explore new possibilities and expand their imagination.

    Furthermore, the term "worlds" can be employed to describe multiple domains, areas, or specializations within a particular field. For example, in the scientific realm, one might refer to the worlds of physics, biology, or chemistry to signify the diverse branches of natural sciences. Similarly, in the arts, one may use the phrase "worlds of literature" or "worlds of painting" to designate various genres or styles within those creative disciplines.

    Overall, the plural term "worlds" encompasses the various interpretations of the term "world," ranging from the physical planet we inhabit to the realms of fiction, specialization, and human cultures.

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Etymology of WORLDS

The word "worlds" is the plural form of the noun "world". The etymology of "world" can be traced back to the Old English word "weorold" or "woruld", which itself originated from the Proto-Germanic word "weraldiz". This Proto-Germanic term is formed by combining "wer", meaning "man", and "aldiz", meaning "age" or "generation". Therefore, "world" originally meant "the age of man" or "the human generation". Over time, the meaning of "world" expanded to refer to the entire human existence or the planet Earth.

Idioms with the word WORLDS

  • the best of both worlds The idiom "the best of both worlds" refers to a situation where someone can enjoy the advantages or benefits of two different things simultaneously, without having to choose between them. It implies the combination or fusion of two desirable elements, resulting in an ideal or extremely advantageous outcome.
  • be worlds apart The idiom "be worlds apart" means that two things or people have such significant differences in their attitudes, beliefs, or values that they seem to exist in completely different worlds or realities. It signifies a deep divide and lack of common ground between them.
  • worlds apart The idiom "worlds apart" refers to two people, things, or situations that are extremely different or have little in common. It signifies a significant distance or difference in beliefs, opinions, attitudes, values, or lifestyles between two entities.
  • best of both worlds The idiom "best of both worlds" is used to describe a situation where one can enjoy the advantages or benefits of two different things simultaneously, usually considered to be mutually exclusive or contradictory. It implies having the perfect combination of two desirable elements or experiences.
  • the worst of both worlds The idiom "the worst of both worlds" refers to a situation where someone or something combines the negative aspects or disadvantages of two different options or alternatives, instead of benefiting from the advantages of either option. It implies that the outcome is particularly bad because it bears the drawbacks of multiple choices simultaneously.
  • worlds away The idiom "worlds away" is used to describe something or someone as being very different or far removed from something else, often in terms of distance, culture, or characteristics. It implies a significant contrast or separation between two things or individuals.
  • best of both possible worlds The idiom "best of both possible worlds" refers to a situation where someone is enjoying the benefits or advantages of two different options or circumstances simultaneously. It implies that they are experiencing the ideal combination of both worlds, thereby enjoying the best aspects of each.
  • the best of both/all worlds The idiom "the best of both/all worlds" refers to a situation where one is able to enjoy or benefit from multiple advantageous or desirable aspects or options simultaneously. It implies having the perfect combination or ideal elements from various possibilities, resulting in an ideal situation.
  • the worst of both/all worlds The idiom "the worst of both/all worlds" refers to a situation where multiple undesirable aspects or outcomes are combined, resulting in the most unfavorable combination possible. It implies that instead of benefiting from the advantages of different options or scenarios, one ends up experiencing the disadvantages or drawbacks of all of them simultaneously.
  • be poles/worlds apart "Be poles/worlds apart" is an idiom used to describe two people or things that are very different or have very different opinions, beliefs, backgrounds, or lifestyles.
  • be worlds/a world away The idiom "be worlds/a world away" means to be completely different or distant in terms of ideas, opinions, beliefs, or circumstances. It implies a significant difference or gap between two things or situations.
  • best of both worlds, the The idiom "best of both worlds, the" refers to a situation or experience that combines the advantages or benefits of two different things, allowing someone to enjoy the positive aspects of both. It implies that a person is getting the best of two different options simultaneously.

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