How Do You Spell WSFS?

The acronym "WSFS" stands for "World Science Fiction Society". In terms of its spelling, it is pronounced using IPA phonetic transcription as /wɔːld ˈsaɪəns ˈfɪkʃən səˈsaɪəti/. This means that the first syllable "world" is pronounced as /wɔːld/, with a long vowel sound. The second syllable "science" is pronounced as /ˈsaɪəns/, with a short "i" sound. The third and fourth syllables "fiction" and "society" are pronounced as /ˈfɪkʃən/ and /səˈsaɪəti/ respectively, with stresses on the first and second syllables.

Common Misspellings for WSFS

28 words made out of letters WSFS

2 letters

3 letters

4 letters

  • WSSF,
  • SSWF,
  • FSWS,
  • SWSF,
  • WSFS,
  • FWSS,
  • SFSW,
  • SSFW,
  • SWFS,
  • FSSW,
  • WFSS,
  • SFWS.


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