How Do You Spell WSHAPED?

The word "Wshaped" is spelled with a combination of the letters "W" and "shaped", which makes up a compound word. The IPA transcription for "W" is /dʌb.lju:/, which is a voiceless bilabial-velar approximate followed by a high back rounded vowel. The transcription for "shaped" is /ʃeɪpt/, which is a voiceless post-alveolar fricative followed by a diphthong consisting of a high front lax vowel and a mid front tense vowel. When combined, the word is pronounced as /dʌb.lju:ʃeɪpt/.

Common Misspellings for WSHAPED

  • sshaped
  • 3shaped
  • 2shaped
  • wahaped
  • wzhaped
  • wxhaped
  • wdhaped
  • wehaped
  • wwhaped
  • wsgaped
  • wsbaped
  • wsnaped
  • wsjaped
  • wsuaped
  • wsyaped
  • wshzped
  • wshsped
  • wshwped
  • wshqped
  • wshaoed

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