How Do You Spell YAKKING?

Correct spelling for the English word "yakking" is [j_ˈa_k_ɪ_ŋ], [jˈakɪŋ], [jˈakɪŋ]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Anagrams of YAKKING

5 letters

Common Misspellings for YAKKING

Below is the list of 172 misspellings for the word "yakking".

  • yakkyng
  • yaken
  • yakkingv
  • yskking
  • yankin
  • tyalking
  • yakling
  • yakcing
  • yaikking
  • yakknig
  • sekking
  • 6akking
  • yyakking
  • yakkijg
  • yakkingg
  • akking
  • yakkine
  • yakki.g
  • yakkign
  • yakkung
  • yakkingb
  • yakk8ng
  • kayacking
  • yakki8ng
  • yakkong
  • takking
  • yakkibng
  • yuakking
  • yaping
  • yak king
  • y akking
  • yakkinc
  • yaskking
  • yakkilg
  • yaghting
  • yakkinmg
  • iakking
  • ygakking
  • youagain
  • yakkinh
  • yaling
  • yaking
  • yakkingt
  • hyakking
  • yakkikng
  • yakkuing
  • yakkang
  • yancking
  • kiyaking
  • yakkinvg
  • gakking
  • yakiing
  • yalkking
  • yakkinbg
  • yakkig
  • kyaking
  • yakkinw
  • yakkking
  • yakkino
  • makking
  • yalling
  • yakoking
  • yaughting
  • yaokking
  • yakkling
  • yakkiny
  • qakking
  • yakkiing
  • yqkking
  • yakkifg
  • 9akking
  • yakkinb
  • yamkking
  • acking
  • yacking
  • yaakking
  • fakeing
  • naking
  • xakking
  • yaving
  • yakming
  • yarning
  • yagodin
  • y7akking
  • cayaking
  • yhakking
  • eaking
  • yakkinv
  • jokking
  • yawkking
  • ysakking
  • yakjking
  • yakkjng
  • thakeing
  • yazkking
  • yakkimg
  • yakkoing
  • y6akking
  • yakkijng
  • kiyacking
  • parkking
  • 7yakking
  • 7akking
  • yakoing
  • yakkint
  • uakking
  • yakkhng
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  • yakiking
  • ywkking
  • yakkng
  • fakeing
  • yekking
  • kayking
  • yakkiung
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  • yackking
  • yakkeyeng
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  • sekking
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  • ykaking
  • yakira
  • yakkkng
  • yakkinyg
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  • yalling
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  • kyacking
  • yakkinjg
  • yalking
  • yakmking
  • ya kking
  • yakikng
  • ytakking
  • yakk9ing
  • yakkming
  • yakkinng
  • yakk ing
  • yakkiong
  • yzakking
  • tyakking
  • yaiking
  • 6yakking
  • uyakking
  • yakkinfg
  • yikking
  • yajkking
  • yakkintg

Usage Examples for YAKKING

  1. Later- much later- he heard young, green asteroid- hoppers yakking happily about girls and about how magnificent it was, out here. - "The Planet Strappers" by Raymond Zinke Gallun
  2. " I told you-" " Just before the 'copter started down, Miss Valdar was yakking about how we were all going to be rich," Parker interrupted. - "Sinister Paradise" by Robert Moore Williams

Conjugate verb Yakking


I would yakking
you would yakking
he/she/it would yakking
we would yakking
they would yakking
I would yak
we would yak
you would yak
he/she/it would yak
they would yak


I would be yakkinging
you would be yakkinging
he/she/it would be yakkinging
we would be yakkinging
they would be yakkinging


I would have yakking
you would have yakking
he/she/it would have yakking
we would have yakking
they would have yakking


I would have been yakkinging
you would have been yakkinging
he/she/it would have been yakkinging
we would have been yakkinging
they would have been yakkinging


I will yakking
you will yakking
he/she/it will yakking
we will yakking
they will yakking
I will yak
we will yak
you will yak
he/she/it will yak
they will yak


I will be yakkinging
you will be yakkinging
he/she/it will be yakkinging
we will be yakkinging
they will be yakkinging


I will have yakkinged
you will have yakkinged
he/she/it will have yakkinged
we will have yakkinged
they will have yakkinged
I will have yakked
we will have yakked
you will have yakked
he/she/it will have yakked
they will have yakked


I will have been yakkinging
you will have been yakkinging
he/she/it will have been yakkinging
we will have been yakkinging
they will have been yakkinging


you yakking
we let´s yakking


to yakking


I yakkinged
you yakkinged
he/she/it yakkinged
we yakkinged
they yakkinged
I yakked
we yakked
you yakked
he/she/it yakked
they yakked


I was yakkinging
you were yakkinging
he/she/it was yakkinging
we were yakkinging
they were yakkinging




I had yakkinged
you had yakkinged
he/she/it had yakkinged
we had yakkinged
they had yakkinged
I had yakked
we had yakked
you had yakked
he/she/it had yakked
they had yakked


I had been yakkinging
you had been yakkinging
he/she/it had been yakkinging
we had been yakkinging
they had been yakkinging


I yakking
you yakking
he/she/it yakkings
we yakking
they yakking
I yak
we yak
you yak
he/she/it yaks
they yak


I am yakkinging
you are yakkinging
he/she/it is yakkinging
we are yakkinging
they are yakkinging




I have yakkinged
you have yakkinged
he/she/it has yakkinged
we have yakkinged
they have yakkinged
I have yakked
we have yakked
you have yakked
he/she/it has yakked
they have yakked


I have been yakkinging
you have been yakkinging
he/she/it has been yakkinging
we have been yakkinging
they have been yakkinging
I am yakking
we are yakking
you are yakking
he/she/it is yakking
they are yakking
I was yakking
we were yakking
you were yakking
he/she/it was yakking
they were yakking
I will be yakking
we will be yakking
you will be yakking
he/she/it will be yakking
they will be yakking
I have been yakking
we have been yakking
you have been yakking
he/she/it has been yakking
they have been yakking
I had been yakking
we had been yakking
you had been yakking
he/she/it had been yakking
they had been yakking
I will have been yakking
we will have been yakking
you will have been yakking
he/she/it will have been yakking
they will have been yakking
I would have yakked
we would have yakked
you would have yakked
he/she/it would have yakked
they would have yakked
I would be yakking
we would be yakking
you would be yakking
he/she/it would be yakking
they would be yakking
I would have been yakking
we would have been yakking
you would have been yakking
he/she/it would have been yakking
they would have been yakking