How Do You Spell YANKS?

Correct spelling for the English word "yanks" is [j_ˈa_ŋ_k_s], [jˈaŋks], [jˈaŋks]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Anagrams of YANKS

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Common Misspellings for YANKS

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Usage Examples for YANKS

  1. The Union army had never marched that way, and the Yanks were an object of curiosity to the negroes. - "Campaign of the Fourteenth Regiment New Jersey Volunteers" by J. Newton Terrill
  2. With a horrible grimace the young man yanks fiercely at his cravat. - "Walking-Stick Papers" by Robert Cortes Holliday

Conjugate verb Yanks


I would yank
we would yank
you would yank
he/she/it would yank
they would yank


I will yank
we will yank
you will yank
he/she/it will yank
they will yank


I will have yanked
we will have yanked
you will have yanked
he/she/it will have yanked
they will have yanked


I yanked
we yanked
you yanked
he/she/it yanked
they yanked


I had yanked
we had yanked
you had yanked
he/she/it had yanked
they had yanked


I yank
we yank
you yank
he/she/it yanks
they yank


I have yanked
we have yanked
you have yanked
he/she/it has yanked
they have yanked
I am yanking
we are yanking
you are yanking
he/she/it is yanking
they are yanking
I was yanking
we were yanking
you were yanking
he/she/it was yanking
they were yanking
I will be yanking
we will be yanking
you will be yanking
he/she/it will be yanking
they will be yanking
I have been yanking
we have been yanking
you have been yanking
he/she/it has been yanking
they have been yanking
I had been yanking
we had been yanking
you had been yanking
he/she/it had been yanking
they had been yanking
I will have been yanking
we will have been yanking
you will have been yanking
he/she/it will have been yanking
they will have been yanking
I would have yanked
we would have yanked
you would have yanked
he/she/it would have yanked
they would have yanked
I would be yanking
we would be yanking
you would be yanking
he/she/it would be yanking
they would be yanking
I would have been yanking
we would have been yanking
you would have been yanking
he/she/it would have been yanking
they would have been yanking