How Do You Spell YAPPING?

Pronunciation: [jˈapɪŋ] (IPA)

The word "yapping" is spelled with the letters Y-A-P-P-I-N-G. Phonetically, it is transcribed as /ˈjæpɪŋ/. The "y" at the beginning represents the consonant sound of "yuh" or /j/. The letters "a" and "i" together make the long vowel sound of "ey" or /eɪ/, while the letter "p" indicates the sound of a "plosive" or /p/. The ending "-ing" indicates a verb in its continuous form. Altogether, the word describes the act of a small dog repeatedly barking in a high-pitched, irritating manner.

YAPPING Meaning and Definition

Yapping is a verb that refers to the act of making high-pitched, noisy, and repetitive sounds like a small dog. It typically describes a series of sharp or shrill barks or yelps, often associated with annoyance or excitement. The term "yapping" suggests a continuous and rapid exchange of noise, often uncontrolled and lacking the coherent pattern of regular barking.

Yapping is commonly used to depict the vocalization of small dogs, such as toy breeds or terriers, but can also be metaphorically applied to humans or other animals that emit similar sounds. The word implies a certain level of annoyance, as yapping can be perceived as bothersome or disruptive.

The repetitive nature of yapping implies a lack of content or meaning in the sound, as it is often a reflexive or reflex-like reaction to a specific stimulus. Yapping can indicate overexcitement, agitation, or attempts to gain attention or communicate with others.

In a broader sense, yapping can also be used metaphorically to describe incessant talking or noisy conversation, particularly when it lacks substance or purpose. It conveys a sense of triviality or excessive verbosity without conveying any meaningful information.

Overall, "yapping" refers to a rapid, high-pitched, and often irritating series of sounds produced by small animals or metaphorically employed to describe repetitive and trivial chatter.

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Etymology of YAPPING

The word "yapping" is derived from the verb "yap". "Yap" first appeared in the English language around the early 18th century, likely imitative of the sound it represents. It refers to the sharp, high-pitched barking or yelping sound often made by small dogs. Over time, the term "yapping" developed to describe the continuous, repetitive, and often annoying nature of such barking.

Idioms with the word YAPPING

  • yap, yap, yapping all day The idiom "yap, yap, yapping all day" refers to someone talking incessantly or constantly, often without making much sense or having anything substantial to say. It implies repetitive, empty, or trivial chatter.
  • yap, yap, yapping all day long The idiom "yap, yap, yapping all day long" refers to someone who is continuously talking or complaining in a repetitive and often annoying manner. It implies that the person talks excessively, without taking into consideration others' opinions or interests.

Plural form of YAPPING is YAPPINGS

Conjugate verb Yapping


I would yap
we would yap
you would yap
he/she/it would yap
they would yap


I will yap
we will yap
you will yap
he/she/it will yap
they will yap


I will have yapped
we will have yapped
you will have yapped
he/she/it will have yapped
they will have yapped


I yapped
we yapped
you yapped
he/she/it yapped
they yapped


I had yapped
we had yapped
you had yapped
he/she/it had yapped
they had yapped


I yap
we yap
you yap
he/she/it yaps
they yap


I have yapped
we have yapped
you have yapped
he/she/it has yapped
they have yapped
I am yapping
we are yapping
you are yapping
he/she/it is yapping
they are yapping
I was yapping
we were yapping
you were yapping
he/she/it was yapping
they were yapping
I will be yapping
we will be yapping
you will be yapping
he/she/it will be yapping
they will be yapping
I have been yapping
we have been yapping
you have been yapping
he/she/it has been yapping
they have been yapping
I had been yapping
we had been yapping
you had been yapping
he/she/it had been yapping
they had been yapping
I will have been yapping
we will have been yapping
you will have been yapping
he/she/it will have been yapping
they will have been yapping
I would have yapped
we would have yapped
you would have yapped
he/she/it would have yapped
they would have yapped
I would be yapping
we would be yapping
you would be yapping
he/she/it would be yapping
they would be yapping
I would have been yapping
we would have been yapping
you would have been yapping
he/she/it would have been yapping
they would have been yapping


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