How Do You Spell YARNS?

Correct spelling for the English word "yarns" is [j_ˈɑː_n_z], [jˈɑːnz], [jˈɑːnz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for YARNS

Below is the list of 133 misspellings for the word "yarns". Misspellings percentages are collected from over 510 000 spell check sessions on www.spellchecker.net from Jan 2010 - Jun 2012.

Usage Examples for YARNS

  1. Saleh and Tommy's yarns . - "Australia Twice Traversed, The Romance of Exploration Australia Twice Traversed. The Romance Of Exploration, Being A Narrative Compiled From The Journals Of Five Exploring Expeditions Into And Through Central South Australia, And Western Australia, From 1" by Ernest Giles
  2. We don't want to go off without saying good - by to Jerry and his wife , anyway ; and we'll beg a meal from the old Turk , and listen to some more yarns about Tige , just to show we're friendly . - "The Gringos" by B. M. Bower
  3. " And from yarns like that one you wouldn't never figure it that I was the son of a minister brung up plumb peaceful . - "Black Jack" by Max Brand
  4. When you took this place , I felt I didn't have no call to tell ye all I know about it , nor to pizen yer mind by any darned fool yarns I mout hev heard . - "Mr. Jack Hamlin's Mediation and Other Stories" by Bret Harte
  5. I've known more such cases ; some folks laughs at me for believing 'em ,- 'the cap'n's yarns , ' they calls 'em ,- but if you'll notice , everybody's got some yarn of that kind they do believe , if they won't believe yours . - "Deephaven and Selected Stories & Sketches" by Sarah Orne Jewett