How Do You Spell YASHODHANA?

The name "Yashodhana" is spelled phonetically as /jəʃoʊdənə/. The first syllable starts with the consonant ‘y’ pronounced as in “you”. The second syllable, ‘sho’, begins with the consonant cluster /ʃo/ where ‘sh’ is the English “sh” sound in "shower" and ‘o’ is pronounced as in "open". The final syllable contains the unstressed vowel sound /ə/ and ends in the consonant cluster /dnə/, pronounced as one sound. The name Yashodhana has Indian origins and means “one who brings fame”.

Common Misspellings for YASHODHANA

  • tashodhana
  • gashodhana
  • hashodhana
  • uashodhana
  • 7ashodhana
  • 6ashodhana
  • yzshodhana
  • ysshodhana
  • ywshodhana
  • yqshodhana
  • yaahodhana
  • yazhodhana
  • yaxhodhana
  • yadhodhana
  • yaehodhana
  • yawhodhana
  • yasgodhana
  • yasbodhana
  • yasnodhana
  • yasjodhana

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