How Do You Spell YEARNED?

Correct spelling for the English word "Yearned" is [j_ˈɜː_n_d], [jˈɜːnd], [jˈɜːnd]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of YEARNED

  1. of Yearn

Anagrams of YEARNED

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Common Misspellings for YEARNED

Below is the list of 202 misspellings for the word "yearned".

Usage Examples for YEARNED

  1. In the depths of her being she knew that Diana had yearned to love her, and had not been able. - "The Testing of Diana Mallory" by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  2. Hast thou not yearned for me? - "The Complete Works of Artemus Ward, Part 1" by Charles Farrar Browne
  3. The seaman's life was not for Bennietod, and he yearned to reach land as fervently as did St. George, though with other anxiety. - "Romance Island" by Zona Gale
  4. He would not only have company in his dreary solitude, but, of all company, the very one he yearned for to comfort his heart. - "Lahoma" by John Breckinridge Ellis
  5. He yearned for the ideal; and I am sure he went down with that hope for humanity. - "An Anarchist Woman" by Hutchins Hapgood

Conjugate verb Yearned


I would yearn
we would yearn
you would yearn
he/she/it would yearn
they would yearn


I will yearn
we will yearn
you will yearn
he/she/it will yearn
they will yearn


I will have yearned
we will have yearned
you will have yearned
he/she/it will have yearned
they will have yearned


I yearned
we yearned
you yearned
he/she/it yearned
they yearned


I had yearned
we had yearned
you had yearned
he/she/it had yearned
they had yearned


I yearn
we yearn
you yearn
he/she/it yearns
they yearn


I have yearned
we have yearned
you have yearned
he/she/it has yearned
they have yearned
I am yearning
we are yearning
you are yearning
he/she/it is yearning
they are yearning
I was yearning
we were yearning
you were yearning
he/she/it was yearning
they were yearning
I will be yearning
we will be yearning
you will be yearning
he/she/it will be yearning
they will be yearning
I have been yearning
we have been yearning
you have been yearning
he/she/it has been yearning
they have been yearning
I had been yearning
we had been yearning
you had been yearning
he/she/it had been yearning
they had been yearning
I will have been yearning
we will have been yearning
you will have been yearning
he/she/it will have been yearning
they will have been yearning
I would have yearned
we would have yearned
you would have yearned
he/she/it would have yearned
they would have yearned
I would be yearning
we would be yearning
you would be yearning
he/she/it would be yearning
they would be yearning
I would have been yearning
we would have been yearning
you would have been yearning
he/she/it would have been yearning
they would have been yearning