How Do You Spell YELLOWS?

Correct spelling for the English word "Yellows" is [jˈɛlə͡ʊz], [jˈɛlə‍ʊz], [j_ˈɛ_l_əʊ_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for YELLOWS

Below is the list of 38 misspellings for the word "yellows".

Definition of YELLOWS

  1. A disease of the bile in horses, cattle, and sheep, causing yellowness of the eyes; jaundice.

Anagrams of YELLOWS

7 letters

  • yellows.

6 letters

5 letters

Usage Examples for YELLOWS

  1. The new paint job- searing reds and blinding yellows- was bad enough, but someone seemed to have the delusion that this was January instead of June; the place was a good ten degrees warmer than outside. - "The Tunnel Under The World" by Frederik Pohl
  2. Then the light slowly yellows behind the vast cone; and one of the most beautiful dawns I ever saw reveals on our right an immense valley through which three rivers flow. - "Two Years in the French West Indies" by Lafcadio Hearn

Conjugate verb Yellows


I would yellow
we would yellow
you would yellow
he/she/it would yellow
they would yellow


I will yellow
we will yellow
you will yellow
he/she/it will yellow
they will yellow


I will have yellowed
we will have yellowed
you will have yellowed
he/she/it will have yellowed
they will have yellowed


I yellowed
we yellowed
you yellowed
he/she/it yellowed
they yellowed


I had yellowed
we had yellowed
you had yellowed
he/she/it had yellowed
they had yellowed


I yellow
we yellow
you yellow
he/she/it yellows
they yellow


I have yellowed
we have yellowed
you have yellowed
he/she/it has yellowed
they have yellowed
I am yellowing
we are yellowing
you are yellowing
he/she/it is yellowing
they are yellowing
I was yellowing
we were yellowing
you were yellowing
he/she/it was yellowing
they were yellowing
I will be yellowing
we will be yellowing
you will be yellowing
he/she/it will be yellowing
they will be yellowing
I have been yellowing
we have been yellowing
you have been yellowing
he/she/it has been yellowing
they have been yellowing
I had been yellowing
we had been yellowing
you had been yellowing
he/she/it had been yellowing
they had been yellowing
I will have been yellowing
we will have been yellowing
you will have been yellowing
he/she/it will have been yellowing
they will have been yellowing
I would have yellowed
we would have yellowed
you would have yellowed
he/she/it would have yellowed
they would have yellowed
I would be yellowing
we would be yellowing
you would be yellowing
he/she/it would be yellowing
they would be yellowing
I would have been yellowing
we would have been yellowing
you would have been yellowing
he/she/it would have been yellowing
they would have been yellowing