How Do You Spell YENI?

The word "yeni" is a Turkish term that means "new." It is spelled as /jeni/ in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). The sound /j/ is a voiced palatal approximant, which is similar to the "y" sound in "yes" in English. The vowel sound is represented by "e," which is pronounced as the "e" in "bet." Finally, the sound /n/ is a voiced alveolar nasal, which is pronounced like the "n" in "new" in English. Together, these sounds create the word "yeni" in Turkish.

Common Misspellings for YENI

  • 7eni
  • y4ni
  • y3ni
  • gyeni
  • ygeni
  • hyeni
  • uyeni
  • yueni
  • 7yeni
  • y7eni
  • 6yeni
  • y6eni
  • yweni
  • yewni
  • yseni
  • yesni
  • ydeni
  • yedni
  • yerni
  • y4eni

13 words made out of letters YENI

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