How Do You Spell YLEM?

Ylem is a confusing word due to its unusual spelling. Its pronunciation can be explained by IPA phonetic transcription as /ˈaɪləm/. The ‘y’ in ylem represents a long ‘i’ sound. The ‘l’ is doubled and pronounced as a single consonant. The ‘e’ is silent and the accent is placed on the first syllable. Ylem is a term used in cosmology, meaning the hypothetical substance from which the universe was formed. While the spelling may be difficult, the concept of ylem is fascinating to scientists and astronomers.

Common Misspellings for YLEM

  • tlem
  • ulem
  • 7lem
  • 6lem
  • ykem
  • ypem
  • yoem
  • ylwm
  • ylsm
  • yldm
  • ylrm
  • yl4m
  • yl3m
  • ylek
  • ylej
  • tylem
  • ytlem
  • gylem
  • yglem

Plural form of YLEM is YLEMS

16 words made out of letters YLEM

2 letters

3 letters

4 letters


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