How Do You Spell YOBS?

Pronunciation: [jˈɒbz] (IPA)

The word "yobs" is a British slang term that refers to unruly or aggressive young people. Its phonetic transcription in IPA is /jɒbz/, which represents the unique sounds that make up the word. The "y" sound is represented by the symbol /j/, while the "o" sound is represented by /ɒ/. Lastly, the "bs" combination is represented by the symbol /bz/. The spelling of "yobs" may seem unusual to non-British speakers, but it is commonly used in the UK, especially in tabloid newspapers.

YOBS Meaning and Definition

  1. Yobs, often considered an informal term, refers to a specific group or category of individuals who engage in rowdy, disorderly, and often antisocial behavior. The word is primarily used in British English and has derogatory implications associated with it.

    Yobs are typically associated with acts of vandalism, aggression, and public disturbance, which include but are not limited to public intoxication, loud and offensive language, harassment, and general disrespect for others and their belongings. They are often perceived as troublemakers who have no regard for authority, societal norms, or the consequences of their actions.

    The term 'yobs' is believed to have originated in the 19th century as a backslang term for "boys" or "boys in the hood." Over time, its meaning has evolved to encompass a wider range of antisocial behaviors exhibited by both gender groups and extended to describe individuals engaging in such behavior at any age.

    The word 'yobs' carries negative connotations and is commonly used by the media, law enforcement, and members of the public to refer to individuals involved in acts of hooliganism or other forms of public disturbance. It is worth noting that the term may be seen as derogatory and judgmental, and can sometimes contribute to stigmatization or generalization of certain groups of people.

Common Misspellings for YOBS

Etymology of YOBS

The word "yobs" originated in British English during the 19th century. Its etymology is not entirely clear, but there are a few theories about its origins.

One theory suggests that "yobs" is a reversed or slang version of the derogatory term "boys". This theory argues that the term "yobs" emerged as a way to describe unruly or mischievous young men.

Another theory suggests that "yobs" might derive from the backslang technique used in Victorian England. Backslang is a form of linguistic play that involves reversing the sounds of words. In this case, the word "boys" would be reversed to create "syob" or "yob".

It's also possible that "yobs" originated as an acronym for "Youthful Offenders Backed by Society" or "Youthful Offenders and Beggars".


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