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How Do You Spell YOO?

Correct spelling for the English word "yoo" is [ jˈuː] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Usage Examples for YOO

  1. 153, we see that the combination ew is an unstable combination, that it has a tendency to become yoo and that the y in yoo has a tendency to change a d preceding into j; in other words, we see the reason why, by many persons, dew is pronounced jew. - "The English Language" by Robert Gordon Latham
  2. Yoo hoo- it's only me, Kit! - "Gaslight Sonatas" by Fannie Hurst
  3. I had not then noticed that the American pronunciation of " Dewey" is " Dooey," and that the liquid " yoo is very seldom heard in America. - "America To-day, Observations and Reflections" by William Archer
  4. No, no, tank yoo - "The Three Lieutenants" by W.H.G. Kingston
  5. Suspecting naught, the husband went to the bushes, and cried, " Yoo yoo - "Laos Folk-Lore of Farther India" by Katherine Neville Fleeson