How Do You Spell ZIP?

Pronunciation: [zˈɪp] (IPA)

The word "zip" is spelled with three letters "Z", "I", and "P". It is commonly used as a noun to refer to a fastening device, or as a verb meaning to close or open something using a zipper. The IPA phonetic transcription of "zip" is /zɪp/, with the "z" sound represented by the symbol /z/, the "i" sound by /ɪ/, and the "p" sound by /p/. This word is easy to spell and commonly found in everyday language.

ZIP Meaning and Definition

Zip (noun):

1. A fastener consisting of two strips of fabric or metal with interlocking projections, used to close openings, such as those on clothing or bags. Synonyms include zipper, slide fastener, and fly.

2. A sudden, high-pitched or humming sound, similar to that made by a fast-moving object, or the act of making such a sound. It can be produced by swift movement, tightness, friction, or a sudden release of air.

3. A slang term commonly used in the United States, primarily meaning energy, liveliness, or vigor. It is often used to describe someone's enthusiasm or excitement.

4. In computing and technology, a software program or utility used to compress or extract files or data into a smaller, more manageable format. ZIP is both a file format and a popular compression algorithm.

Zip (verb):

1. To fasten or close with a zipper or similar fastener. It involves joining the two strips by moving a slider or a pull tab up or down.

2. To move swiftly or rapidly with a high-pitched or humming sound. It can refer to the movement of a fast-moving object or a person moving quickly and smoothly.

3. To compress or make a file or data smaller in size using a software program or utility, typically involving the ZIP format or algorithm.

4. To move with energy, liveliness, or vigor; to proceed quickly or energetically. It is often used to describe someone's pace or movement.

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Etymology of ZIP

The word "zip" has multiple origins and meanings, so it is important to clarify which specific context or usage you are referring to. Here are a few possible etymologies for the word "zip" in different contexts:

1. Zip (noun) meaning "a brief, high-pitched buzzing or humming sound":

This sense of "zip" likely originated as an onomatopoeic word, imitating the noise produced by something quickly moving or passing by.

2. Zip (verb) meaning "to move or act with speed or vigor":

The verb sense of "zip" derived from the noun sense mentioned above. It signifies brisk or energetic movement, and shares the onomatopoeic nature of the original buzzing sound.

3. Zip (abbreviation) meaning "zone improvement plan":

In the United States, "zip" is often used as an abbreviation of "ZIP code", which stands for "Zone Improvement Plan".

Idioms with the word ZIP

  • zip it The idiom "zip it" is an expression used to instruct someone to be quiet, stop talking, or refrain from divulging certain information. It is often used with a hand gesture of zipping one's lips closed, implying the need to keep quiet.
  • zip along The idiom "zip along" means to move or progress quickly and energetically. It can refer to physical movement, such as driving or running at a high speed, or to the swift advancement of a task, project, or activity. It conveys a sense of rapid and smooth motion or action.
  • Zip (up) your lip! The idiom "Zip (up) your lip!" is a colloquial expression that means to tell someone to be quiet or to stop talking. It is often used in situations where someone is being too talkative or revealing too much information. The word "zip" implies closing one's mouth, similar to zipping up a jacket or a bag. It is a figurative way of asking someone to stop speaking.
  • zip past sm or sth The idiom "zip past someone or something" refers to moving quickly past or surpassing someone or something with great speed or agility. It implies a swift, almost effortless motion, often suggesting a lack of hindrance or obstruction.
  • zip sth up The idiom "zip sth up" means to close or fasten something, such as a bag, with a zipper. It can also be used figuratively to describe the act of finishing or concluding something, usually in a quick or efficient manner.
  • zip sth on The idiom "zip sth on" means to quickly put on or fasten something, typically clothing or an accessory, often with haste or efficiency. It implies doing so swiftly or without much effort. The phrase is often used when someone is in a rush or trying to save time. It can also be used metaphorically to indicate quickly adding or incorporating something into a larger concept or system.
  • zip past The idiom "zip past" refers to moving quickly and swiftly past someone or something, typically with great speed or efficiency.
  • zip your lip The idiom "zip your lip" means to be quiet or stop talking, usually in order to avoid revealing something or causing trouble. It suggests the act of closing and securing one's lips, as if using a zipper, to prevent any words from escaping.
  • zip gun The definition of the idiom "zip gun" refers to a homemade or improvised firearm, typically made using makeshift materials or household items. It is usually a rudimentary and unreliable weapon created as a substitute for a real firearm, often used in illegal or secretive activities.

Similar spelling words for ZIP

Plural form of ZIP is ZIPS

Conjugate verb Zip


I would have zipped
you would have zipped
he/she/it would have zipped
we would have zipped
they would have zipped
I would have zip
you would have zip
he/she/it would have zip
we would have zip
they would have zip


I would have been zipping
you would have been zipping
he/she/it would have been zipping
we would have been zipping
they would have been zipping


I would zip
you would zip
he/she/it would zip
we would zip
they would zip


I would be zipping
you would be zipping
he/she/it would be zipping
we would be zipping
they would be zipping


I will zip
you will zip
he/she/it will zip
we will zip
they will zip


I will be zipping
you will be zipping
he/she/it will be zipping
we will be zipping
they will be zipping


I will have zipped
you will have zipped
he/she/it will have zipped
we will have zipped
they will have zipped


I will have been zipping
you will have been zipping
he/she/it will have been zipping
we will have been zipping
they will have been zipping


you zip
we let´s zip


to zip


I was zipping
you were zipping
he/she/it was zipping
we were zipping
they were zipping




I had zipped
you had zipped
he/she/it had zipped
we had zipped
they had zipped


I had been zipping
you had been zipping
he/she/it had been zipping
we had been zipping
they had been zipping


I zip
you zip
he/she/it zips
we zip
they zip


I am zipping
you are zipping
he/she/it is zipping
we are zipping
they are zipping




I have zipped
you have zipped
he/she/it has zipped
we have zipped
they have zipped


I have been zipping
you have been zipping
he/she/it has been zipping
we have been zipping
they have been zipping


he/she/it zip


I zipped
you zipped
he/she/it zipped
we zipped
they zipped


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