How Do You Spell ZONED?

Correct spelling for the English word "Zoned" is [z_ˈəʊ_n_d], [zˈə͡ʊnd], [zˈə‍ʊnd]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of ZONED

  1. Having zones or concentric bands.

Anagrams of ZONED

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Common Misspellings for ZONED

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Usage Examples for ZONED

  1. This miniature and silent city, whose straight and regular streets are lined in turn with miniature apartment houses of merchandise, is zoned- into six great zones. - "The Romance of a Great Store" by Edward Hungerford
  2. It has only been recently, during the study of the breccias alluded to in page 186, that I have fully seen the extent to which this singular force often modifies rocks in which at first its influence might hardly have been suspected; many apparent conglomerates being in reality formed chiefly by segregation, combined with mysterious brokenly- zoned structures, like those of some malachites. - "The Ethics of the Dust" by John Ruskin

Conjugate verb Zoned


I would zone
we would zone
you would zone
he/she/it would zone
they would zone


I will zone
we will zone
you will zone
he/she/it will zone
they will zone


I will have zoned
we will have zoned
you will have zoned
he/she/it will have zoned
they will have zoned


I zoned
we zoned
you zoned
he/she/it zoned
they zoned


I had zoned
we had zoned
you had zoned
he/she/it had zoned
they had zoned


I zone
we zone
you zone
he/she/it zones
they zone


I have zoned
we have zoned
you have zoned
he/she/it has zoned
they have zoned
I am zoning
we are zoning
you are zoning
he/she/it is zoning
they are zoning
I was zoning
we were zoning
you were zoning
he/she/it was zoning
they were zoning
I will be zoning
we will be zoning
you will be zoning
he/she/it will be zoning
they will be zoning
I have been zoning
we have been zoning
you have been zoning
he/she/it has been zoning
they have been zoning
I had been zoning
we had been zoning
you had been zoning
he/she/it had been zoning
they had been zoning
I will have been zoning
we will have been zoning
you will have been zoning
he/she/it will have been zoning
they will have been zoning
I would have zoned
we would have zoned
you would have zoned
he/she/it would have zoned
they would have zoned
I would be zoning
we would be zoning
you would be zoning
he/she/it would be zoning
they would be zoning
I would have been zoning
we would have been zoning
you would have been zoning
he/she/it would have been zoning
they would have been zoning