How Do You Spell ZU?

The German word "zu" is spelled with the letters Z and U. In IPA phonetic transcription, it is pronounced as [tsuː]. The letter Z is pronounced as [ts] in German, which sounds like the English "ts" sound in words like "bits". The letter U is pronounced as [uː], which sounds like the long "oo" sound in words like "food". When pronounced together, "zu" sounds like "tsoo" in English. It is often used as a preposition in German, meaning "to" or "at".

Common Misspellings for ZU

  • z8
  • z7
  • xzu
  • zxu
  • szu
  • zsu
  • zyu
  • zuy
  • zuh
  • zju
  • zuj
  • ziu
  • z8u
  • zu8
  • z7u
  • zu7
  • zzu
  • zuu
  • zq
  • z u

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