How Do You Spell ZZZES?

The word "zzzes" is spelled with three "z" letters in a row, representing the sound /z/ at the beginning of the word, followed by the plural marker "-es" pronounced as /ɪz/. The phonetic transcription of "zzzes" is /zɪzɪz/, which reflects the repetition of the /z/ sound. This spelling can be tricky because it is unusual to have three consecutive identical letters in English words. However, it is important to master such spelling patterns to become an accurate and confident writer.

Common Misspellings for ZZZES

  • xzzes
  • zxzes
  • zszes
  • zzxes
  • zzses
  • zzaes
  • zzzws
  • zzzss
  • zzzds
  • zzzrs
  • zzz4s
  • zzz3s
  • zzzea
  • zzzez
  • zzzew
  • xzzzes
  • zxzzes
  • szzzes
  • zszzes
  • azzzes

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