How Do You Spell ADVISES?

Pronunciation: [ɐdvˈa͡ɪzɪz] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "advises" can be a bit tricky when it comes to pronunciation. The IPA phonetic transcription for this word is /ədˈvaɪzɪz/. It is important to note that the "s" at the end is pronounced as a "z" because it follows a voiced sound. The first syllable is pronounced as "uhd", and the second syllable is pronounced as "vy-ziz". To remember the spelling of this word, it may be helpful to remember that the root word "advise" ends in "s" while "advice" ends in "ce".

ADVISES Meaning and Definition

  1. The term "advises" is the third person singular present form of the verb "advise." It is derived from the noun "advice," which refers to opinions or suggestions given with the intention of guiding or helping others make informed decisions. When used as a verb, "advise" embodies the act of offering recommendations, counsel, or expert opinions to someone seeking guidance.

    To "advise" involves utilizing one's knowledge, experience, or expertise to provide thoughtful suggestions or guidance on specific matters. The purpose of advising is to offer well-informed opinions or solutions to help individuals or groups make wise and informed choices. Advisors often listen attentively to questions, concerns, or problems, and subsequently communicate their perspectives, insights, or recommendations.

    By engaging in advising, individuals can benefit from the wisdom and expertise of others, allowing them to gain additional perspectives, consider alternative courses of action, or weigh the potential consequences of their decisions. Advising is commonly sought out in various domains, such as personal matters, academic settings, career choices, legal or financial affairs, and more.

    Overall, the act of "advising" refers to the process of providing suggestions, opinions, or recommendations based on knowledge, experience, or expertise in order to assist others in making informed decisions that align with their goals, values, or circumstances.

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Etymology of ADVISES

The word "advises" is the third person singular present tense form of the verb "advise". The etymology of "advises" can be traced back to the Middle English word "avisen" or "avise" which means "to consider, perceive, or instruct". This Middle English term originates from the Old French word "aviser" or "adviser" which carries a similar meaning of "to give advice or inform". Further back, the Old French word derived from the Latin word "advisare" which means "to look at, to consider". Ultimately, the Latin term comes from the combination of "ad-" (meaning "to") and "visus" (meaning "a sight").

Similar spelling words for ADVISES

Conjugate verb Advises


I would advise
we would advise
you would advise
he/she/it would advise
they would advise


I will advise
we will advise
you will advise
he/she/it will advise
they will advise


I will have advised
we will have advised
you will have advised
he/she/it will have advised
they will have advised


I advised
we advised
you advised
he/she/it advised
they advised


I had advised
we had advised
you had advised
he/she/it had advised
they had advised


I advise
we advise
you advise
he/she/it advises
they advise


I have advised
we have advised
you have advised
he/she/it has advised
they have advised
I am advising
we are advising
you are advising
he/she/it is advising
they are advising
I was advising
we were advising
you were advising
he/she/it was advising
they were advising
I will be advising
we will be advising
you will be advising
he/she/it will be advising
they will be advising
I have been advising
we have been advising
you have been advising
he/she/it has been advising
they have been advising
I had been advising
we had been advising
you had been advising
he/she/it had been advising
they had been advising
I will have been advising
we will have been advising
you will have been advising
he/she/it will have been advising
they will have been advising
I would have advised
we would have advised
you would have advised
he/she/it would have advised
they would have advised
I would be advising
we would be advising
you would be advising
he/she/it would be advising
they would be advising
I would have been advising
we would have been advising
you would have been advising
he/she/it would have been advising
they would have been advising


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