Pronunciation: [am ˈansəɹəbə͡l fɔː] (IPA)

The correct spelling for the phrase "am answerable for" is /æm ˈæn.sər.ə.bl fər/. The first two letters in "answerable" make the "an" sound, while the "w" is silent. The "s" and "e" create an "suh" sound, and the final "er" is pronounced as "uh-buhl". This means being responsible for or accountable for something. It's important to use the correct spelling and pronunciation of this phrase to avoid any misunderstandings or confusion in communication.

AM ANSWERABLE FOR Meaning and Definition

  1. "Am answerable for" refers to the responsibility or accountability one holds for a particular action, decision, or outcome. This phrase signifies that an individual is obligated to provide a justification or explanation for their actions or behavior.

    When someone declares "I am answerable for," they are stating that they can be held liable or answer to someone, such as an authority figure, superior, or even the public, for the consequences of their actions. This phrase implies that they are ready to face any potential consequences, criticism, or questioning that may arise as a result of their actions.

    The phrase "am answerable for" conveys a sense of ownership or obligation, emphasizing that one takes personal responsibility for their choices and is willing to accept the consequences that may arise from them. It connotes a level of integrity and accountability, indicating that the person is willing to be held to a certain standard of conduct.

    Overall, "am answerable for" reflects an individual's willingness to provide explanations, take responsibility, and face possible repercussions for their actions or decisions. It implies a sense of integrity and accountability, highlighting that the person is prepared to respond to any inquiries or criticisms that may come their way.

Common Misspellings for AM ANSWERABLE FOR

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