Pronunciation: [am ɐplˈɪkəbə͡l] (IPA)

The correct spelling of "am applicable" is /æm əˈplɪkəbəl/. The first word "am" is short for "I am" and is pronounced with the vowel sound /æ/ and the consonant sound /m/. The second word "applicable" has four syllables and is pronounced with the stress on the second syllable, /əˈplɪkəbəl/. The word means that something is relevant or appropriate in a certain situation. It is important to spell words correctly in order to convey meaning effectively.

Common Misspellings for AM APPLICABLE

  • zm applicable
  • sm applicable
  • wm applicable
  • qm applicable
  • ak applicable
  • aj applicable
  • am zpplicable
  • am spplicable
  • am wpplicable
  • am qpplicable
  • am aoplicable
  • am alplicable
  • am a-plicable
  • am a0plicable
  • am apolicable
  • am apllicable
  • am ap-licable
  • am ap0licable
  • am appkicable

Etymology of AM APPLICABLE

The phrase "am applicable" is not a standalone word. It is a combination of the verb "am" (the first-person singular present tense of the verb "to be") and the adjective "applicable".

The word "applicable" comes from the Latin word "applicabilis", which is derived from the verb "applicare", meaning "to apply" or "to attach". The word was first recorded in English in the late 16th century, where it meant "capable of being applied" or "relevant".

So, while "am" originates from Old English and "applicable" comes from Latin, the phrase "am applicable" is a modern combination of these words to express a state of being relevant or capable of being applied.


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