How Do You Spell CADGING?

Pronunciation: [kˈad͡ʒɪŋ] (IPA)

The word "cadging" is spelled with the "c" followed by the "a" and "d" forming the /kæd/ sound. The "g" is silent, so the word is pronounced as /ˈkædʒɪŋ/. It means begging, and it can also denote the act of borrowing without intending to return. It originated from the Old Norse word "kja" which means to call, especially for dogs. The spelling of the word remains the same in both British and American English.

CADGING Meaning and Definition

  1. Cadging is the act of soliciting or obtaining something, typically money or favors, from someone in a persistent and often annoying manner. It is commonly associated with begging or mooching, and can refer to repeatedly asking for handouts or goods without any intention of reciprocation.

    The term "cadging" often conveys a sense of cunning or manipulation, as the individual engaging in this behavior may use various tactics to achieve their objective. This can include exaggerating their need, employing emotional manipulation, or presenting false information. Furthermore, cadging can also encompass the act of taking advantage of someone's generosity or hospitality for personal gain, such as repeatedly relying on a friend or acquaintance to provide resources or services without offering anything in return.

    Cadging is generally regarded as an undesirable behavior, as it demonstrates a lack of personal accountability and self-sufficiency. It can strain relationships and foster resentment from those who are frequently approached or exploited. In some cases, it may also be considered illegal, particularly when it involves issues such as fraud or theft.

    Overall, cadging is a term that describes the persistent solicitation or obtaining of goods or favors without sufficient cause or intention of reciprocation, often accompanied by cunning or manipulation.

Common Misspellings for CADGING

Etymology of CADGING

The etymology of the word "cadging" can be traced back to the early 19th century. The term is derived from the verb "cadge", which originated from the dialectical word "cage", meaning "to beg" or "to seek alms". This dialectical word "cage" is believed to have its roots in the Old Norse word "kaga", which means "to be or make weary". Over time, the term "cadge" evolved to mean "to beg" or "to obtain by begging or imposing on others", and "cadging" came to refer to the act of begging or obtaining things without effort or payment.

Similar spelling words for CADGING

Plural form of CADGING is CADGINGS

Conjugate verb Cadging


I would cadge
we would cadge
you would cadge
he/she/it would cadge
they would cadge


I will cadge
we will cadge
you will cadge
he/she/it will cadge
they will cadge


I will have cadged
we will have cadged
you will have cadged
he/she/it will have cadged
they will have cadged


I cadged
we cadged
you cadged
he/she/it cadged
they cadged


I had cadged
we had cadged
you had cadged
he/she/it had cadged
they had cadged


I cadge
we cadge
you cadge
he/she/it cadges
they cadge


I have cadged
we have cadged
you have cadged
he/she/it has cadged
they have cadged
I am cadging
we are cadging
you are cadging
he/she/it is cadging
they are cadging
I was cadging
we were cadging
you were cadging
he/she/it was cadging
they were cadging
I will be cadging
we will be cadging
you will be cadging
he/she/it will be cadging
they will be cadging
I have been cadging
we have been cadging
you have been cadging
he/she/it has been cadging
they have been cadging
I had been cadging
we had been cadging
you had been cadging
he/she/it had been cadging
they had been cadging
I will have been cadging
we will have been cadging
you will have been cadging
he/she/it will have been cadging
they will have been cadging
I would have cadged
we would have cadged
you would have cadged
he/she/it would have cadged
they would have cadged
I would be cadging
we would be cadging
you would be cadging
he/she/it would be cadging
they would be cadging
I would have been cadging
we would have been cadging
you would have been cadging
he/she/it would have been cadging
they would have been cadging


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