How Do You Spell GAGGING?

Pronunciation: [ɡˈaɡɪŋ] (IPA)

"Gagging" is spelled with a "g" followed by an "a" which is pronounced as /æ/ in the IPA phonetic transcription. The next letter is another "g" which is pronounced as /ɡ/ and is followed by an "i" pronounced as /ɪ/. The final two letters are "ng" which is pronounced as /ŋ/. So, the complete phonetic transcription of "gagging" is /ˈɡæɡɪŋ/. This word is commonly used to describe choking or feeling the sensation of something stuck in one's throat.

GAGGING Meaning and Definition

  1. Gagging refers to the act of preventing someone from speaking or making a sound by covering or blocking their mouth, often as a form of restraint or to prevent them from revealing information. It involves using a physical object, such as cloth, tape, or a hand, to obstruct the mouth and prevent speech or noise. Gagging can be used in various contexts, including in situations of kidnapping, torture, or as a means of control and domination.

    In certain cases, gagging may be employed for comedic purposes in entertainment mediums like theater or films, where it is intended to elicit laughter from the audience. This comedic form of gagging involves temporarily muffling a person's voice or obstructing their ability to speak clearly, often resulting in humorous exchanges or miscommunications.

    The act of gagging can also symbolize censorship or suppression of free speech. When a person is gagged, it implies the silencing or restriction of their ability to express their thoughts, opinions, or emotions openly. In this sense, gagging can be both a physical and metaphorical restraint on an individual's freedom of expression.

    Overall, gagging involves the deliberate obstruction of an individual's mouth or voice, whether for restrictive or humorous purposes. Its meaning may vary depending on the context, whether it be a cruel and oppressive act, a comedic device, or a symbol of censorship.

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Etymology of GAGGING

The word "gagging" is derived from the Middle English term "gaggen", which can be traced back to Old Norse "gagga" meaning "to prevent speech by putting something in the mouth". This Old Norse word ultimately comes from Proto-Germanic "gagjaną", with similar meanings of "to choke" or "to suffocate". The origin of the Proto-Germanic term is uncertain, but it may have been influenced by the sound produced when choking or gagging.

Idioms with the word GAGGING

  • be gagging for (something) The idiom "be gagging for (something)" is an informal expression used to describe an intense desire, craving, or longing for something. It often implies a strong and urgent need or want for a particular thing, whether it be food, drink, a particular experience, or something else entirely. It emphasizes a feeling of anticipation or desperation for obtaining what is desired.
  • be gagging for it The idiom "be gagging for it" typically refers to being extremely eager or desperate for something, often in a sexual context. It implies a strong desire or craving for a particular action or opportunity.

Similar spelling words for GAGGING

Plural form of GAGGING is GAGGINGS

Conjugate verb Gagging


I would gagging
you would gagging
he/she/it would gagging
we would gagging
they would gagging
I would gag
we would gag
you would gag
he/she/it would gag
they would gag


I would be gagging
you would be gagging
he/she/it would be gagging
we would be gagging
they would be gagging


I would have gagging
you would have gagging
he/she/it would have gagging
we would have gagging
they would have gagging


I would have been gagging
you would have been gagging
he/she/it would have been gagging
we would have been gagging
they would have been gagging


I will gag
you will gag
he/she/it will gag
we will gag
they will gag


I will be gagging
you will be gagging
he/she/it will be gagging
we will be gagging
they will be gagging


I will have gagged
you will have gagged
he/she/it will have gagged
we will have gagged
they will have gagged


I will have been gagging
you will have been gagging
he/she/it will have been gagging
we will have been gagging
they will have been gagging


you gag
we let´s gag


to gag


I gagged
you gagged
he/she/it gagged
we gagged
they gagged


I was gagging
you were gagging
he/she/it was gagging
we were gagging
they were gagging




I had gagged
you had gagged
he/she/it had gagged
we had gagged
they had gagged


I had been gagging
you had been gagging
he/she/it had been gagging
we had been gagging
they had been gagging


I gag
you gag
he/she/it gags
we gag
they gag


I am gagging
you are gagging
he/she/it is gagging
we are gagging
they are gagging




I have gagged
you have gagged
he/she/it has gagged
we have gagged
they have gagged


I have been gagging
you have been gagging
he/she/it has been gagging
we have been gagging
they have been gagging
I would have gagged
we would have gagged
you would have gagged
he/she/it would have gagged
they would have gagged


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