How Do You Spell CHOWDER?

Pronunciation: [t͡ʃˈa͡ʊdə] (IPA)

The word "chowder" is spelled with a "ch" at the beginning, which makes the sound /tʃ/, like the "ch" in "cheese". The "ow" in the middle of the word makes the sound /aʊ/, like the "ow" in "now". Finally, the "der" at the end makes the sound /dər/, like the "der" in "wonder". The phonetic transcription of "chowder" is /ˈtʃaʊdər/. This delicious seafood soup has been a favorite in New England for centuries, with many variations of its recipe.

CHOWDER Meaning and Definition

  1. Chowder is a type of thick, hearty soup that typically includes chunks of seafood or vegetables and is often served as an appetizer or main course. This dish has its roots in North America, particularly in the coastal regions where fishing was prevalent.

    Chowder is characterized by its creamy or broth-like base, which is often made with milk or cream. Common ingredients found in chowder include various types of fish like clams, mussels, or cod, along with potatoes, onions, and celery. The vegetables and seafood are typically cooked together with aromatic herbs and spices to infuse the soup with flavor.

    The term "chowder" originally comes from the older English word "jowter," which refers to a fish peddler or hawker. It is believed that the first chowders were made by fishermen who would use the ingredients they had on hand to create a filling and nourishing meal. Over time, different regional variations of chowder emerged, incorporating local ingredients and culinary traditions.

    Chowder is often enjoyed with bread or crackers, which can be dipped into the thick soup or used to soak up the flavors. It is a popular dish in coastal areas throughout North America and is often associated with New England, particularly clam chowder.

    In summary, chowder is a robust soup dish that combines seafood or vegetables with a creamy or broth-like base. It is a staple in North American cuisine, particularly in coastal regions, and is known for its rich flavors and comforting qualities.

  2. • To make a chowder of.
    • Fresh fish boiled with biscuit, pork, onions, &c.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of CHOWDER

The word "chowder" is believed to have originated from the French word "chaudière", which means a cooking pot. The term was then adopted into English in the early 18th century, referring to a type of chunky seafood soup or stew that was traditionally cooked in a large pot called a "chaudière". Over time, the word "chowder" became associated specifically with this type of soup, regardless of the cooking vessel used. Chewder, however, refers to a more creamy variation in the UK.

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Plural form of CHOWDER is CHOWDERS


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