How Do You Spell DEFLECTS?

Pronunciation: [dɪflˈɛkts] (IPA)

The word "deflects", pronounced as /dɪˈflɛkts/, is a verb that means to cause something to change direction. It is spelled with a "d" at the beginning, followed by "e-f-l-e-c-t-s". The "e" is pronounced as /ɛ/ and the "c" is soft, pronounced as /s/ instead of /k/. The "t" is also pronounced as /ts/ due to the following "s" sound. The phonetic transcription helps to illustrate the correct pronunciation of the word and aid in proper spelling.

DEFLECTS Meaning and Definition

  1. Deflects is a verb that refers to the act of changing the direction of something or someone. It involves diverting an object's path or altering the course of an action. When something deflects, it is typically due to an external force acting upon it.

    In physics, deflection occurs when an object or a particle deviates from its original trajectory as a result of coming into contact with another object or experiencing a force field. This change in direction can be caused by various factors such as gravity, electromagnetic forces, or collisions. Deflection is an essential concept in fields like mechanics, electromagnetism, and particle physics.

    In a figurative sense, the term deflects can also describe a person's behavior or actions when they deflect responsibility, criticism, or attention away from themselves. This can be done by shifting blame onto others or redirecting the focus of a conversation or situation. Deflection in this sense is often used as a defense mechanism or tactic to avoid personal accountability or scrutiny.

    Ultimately, whether in a physical or metaphorical context, the concept of deflects revolves around the idea of redirecting or altering the path of something, whether it be a physical object, a particle, or an interpersonal interaction.

Common Misspellings for DEFLECTS

Etymology of DEFLECTS

The word deflects is derived from the Latin verb deflectere, which is the combination of the prefix de- (meaning away) and the verb flectere (meaning to bend or to turn). Therefore, deflects can be understood to mean to bend away or to turn away.

Similar spelling words for DEFLECTS

Conjugate verb Deflects


I would deflect
we would deflect
you would deflect
he/she/it would deflect
they would deflect


I will deflect
we will deflect
you will deflect
he/she/it will deflect
they will deflect


I will have deflected
we will have deflected
you will have deflected
he/she/it will have deflected
they will have deflected


I deflected
we deflected
you deflected
he/she/it deflected
they deflected


I had deflected
we had deflected
you had deflected
he/she/it had deflected
they had deflected


I deflect
we deflect
you deflect
he/she/it deflects
they deflect


I have deflected
we have deflected
you have deflected
he/she/it has deflected
they have deflected
I am deflecting
we are deflecting
you are deflecting
he/she/it is deflecting
they are deflecting
I was deflecting
we were deflecting
you were deflecting
he/she/it was deflecting
they were deflecting
I will be deflecting
we will be deflecting
you will be deflecting
he/she/it will be deflecting
they will be deflecting
I have been deflecting
we have been deflecting
you have been deflecting
he/she/it has been deflecting
they have been deflecting
I had been deflecting
we had been deflecting
you had been deflecting
he/she/it had been deflecting
they had been deflecting
I will have been deflecting
we will have been deflecting
you will have been deflecting
he/she/it will have been deflecting
they will have been deflecting
I would have deflected
we would have deflected
you would have deflected
he/she/it would have deflected
they would have deflected
I would be deflecting
we would be deflecting
you would be deflecting
he/she/it would be deflecting
they would be deflecting
I would have been deflecting
we would have been deflecting
you would have been deflecting
he/she/it would have been deflecting
they would have been deflecting


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