How Do You Spell DELESTAGE?

The word "delestage" is spelled as /delɛstaʒ/. It is a French term that refers to the process of removing or draining the juice or wine from the tank during the winemaking process. The word is derived from the French verb "délester" which means to lighten the load. In the spelling of the word, the "e" is pronounced as "eh" and the "a" is pronounced as "ah". The final "ge" is pronounced as "ʒ" which is a sound commonly found in French language.

Common Misspellings for DELESTAGE

  • selestage
  • xelestage
  • celestage
  • felestage
  • relestage
  • eelestage
  • dwlestage
  • dslestage
  • ddlestage
  • drlestage
  • d4lestage
  • d3lestage
  • dekestage
  • depestage
  • deoestage
  • delwstage
  • delsstage
  • deldstage
  • delrstage
  • del4stage

12 words made out of letters DELESTAGE


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