How Do You Spell DELIVERING?

Pronunciation: [dɪlˈɪvəɹɪŋ] (IPA)

The word "delivering" is spelled as /dɪˈlɪv(ə)rɪŋ/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The first syllable "dɪ-" is pronounced like "di" in "dip". The second syllable "ˈlɪv" has a short "i" sound like "ih" in "bit", followed by the "v" sound. The last syllable "-rɪŋ" has the "r" pronounced roughly, like "rrr", and the vowel sound is like "ing" in "ring". Overall, the word is pronounced dɪ-LIH-ver-ing.

DELIVERING Meaning and Definition

  1. Delivering refers to the act of transporting, distributing, or conveying goods, products, services, or information from one place to another. It involves the physical movement or transfer of items or the transmission of messages, often with the intention of reaching a specific destination or target audience.

    In the context of logistics and transportation, delivering typically involves the organized and efficient movement of merchandise or items from a supplier or producer to the end consumer or recipient. This includes activities such as packaging, loading, transportation, unloading, and, in some cases, installation or assembly of the delivered goods.

    However, delivering can also pertain to the provision or transfer of services, where a service provider fulfills a specific task, commitment, or obligation for a customer or recipient. This might involve providing professional expertise, completing a project, executing a task, or meeting a deadline.

    Furthermore, delivering can also encompass the communication of information or messages, delivered through various channels such as verbal, written, or digital means. This can include delivering speeches, presentations, reports, emails, or other forms of written or verbal communication.

    Overall, the concept of delivering emphasizes the execution and completion of a task or assignment, ensuring that products, services, or information successfully reach their intended recipients or destinations.

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Etymology of DELIVERING

The word "delivering" can be traced back to the Middle English word "delivren", which was derived from the Old French word "delivrer". The Old French term was a combination of the prefix "de-" meaning "down" or "away", and the verb "livrer" meaning "to hand over" or "to give". "Livrer" itself was influenced by the Latin word "liberare", meaning "to set free" or "to liberate". Over time, the meaning of "delivrer" shifted from simply handing something over to also encompass the act of bringing or conveying something or someone to a certain destination. This change in meaning is reflected in the modern English word "delivering", which often refers to the action of bringing or transporting goods or performing a duty such as childbirth or giving a speech.

Similar spelling words for DELIVERING

Conjugate verb Delivering


I would deliver
we would deliver
you would deliver
he/she/it would deliver
they would deliver


I will deliver
we will deliver
you will deliver
he/she/it will deliver
they will deliver


I will have delivered
we will have delivered
you will have delivered
he/she/it will have delivered
they will have delivered


I delivered
we delivered
you delivered
he/she/it delivered
they delivered


I had delivered
we had delivered
you had delivered
he/she/it had delivered
they had delivered


I deliver
we deliver
you deliver
he/she/it delivers
they deliver


I have delivered
we have delivered
you have delivered
he/she/it has delivered
they have delivered
I am delivering
we are delivering
you are delivering
he/she/it is delivering
they are delivering
I was delivering
we were delivering
you were delivering
he/she/it was delivering
they were delivering
I will be delivering
we will be delivering
you will be delivering
he/she/it will be delivering
they will be delivering
I have been delivering
we have been delivering
you have been delivering
he/she/it has been delivering
they have been delivering
I had been delivering
we had been delivering
you had been delivering
he/she/it had been delivering
they had been delivering
I will have been delivering
we will have been delivering
you will have been delivering
he/she/it will have been delivering
they will have been delivering
I would have delivered
we would have delivered
you would have delivered
he/she/it would have delivered
they would have delivered
I would be delivering
we would be delivering
you would be delivering
he/she/it would be delivering
they would be delivering
I would have been delivering
we would have been delivering
you would have been delivering
he/she/it would have been delivering
they would have been delivering


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